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Viewers share their personal stories on TB

In response to our episode, TB - The Ticking Time Bomb, many of you, including those working closely on TB issues, shared your suggestions with us. Some of you opened up about how you or someone around you has been affected by the disease. We thank you deeply for writing to us.

Find below some of the messages that we received online.

Congratulations Aamir for taking up the cause of TB in India on your show in ABPnews. A societal movement against tuberculosis need of hour.
Dr Harsh Vardhan, Former Health Minister

The issues in India that SMJ has shone light on require enormous courage. Such courage empowered me to take a stand for impacting the unworkability of India. Inspired by SMJ I took on creating a global crowdfunded scholarship to go to space called Spaceship Earth Grants ( Committed to making the space experience available to as many people as possible, SEG with the funds collected will also be supporting individuals and organizations that are making a positive impact on the planet. Thank you SMJ for pioneering such a change and inspiring many.
Shubham Garg

SMJ is a great platform to showcase causes and the exceptional work NGOs are doing across India. I'm the co-founder of, India's largest crowdfunding platform for social causes and NGOs and will be happy to help all NGOs featured on your show to raise funds. In fact, my team will reach out to all the Season 3 beneficiary NGOs right away to offer our expertise and support.
Varun Sheth

#tickingTimeBomb Thanks to Satyamev Jayate and team for educating us on this huge health issue named TB. I am absolutely stunned.

I request u to plz tell dat how can i become supervisor or worker in Asha.I want to give medicines to d Patients.

#tickingTimeBomb because of ignorance I always thought I am out of reach of TB and it is only for those who use tobaco. Thanks Amir

As someone who has spent two years recovering from TB, I promise you its not a disease you'd wish on your worst enemy #tickingTimeBomb

Proud to b a Nurse.Great opportunity to teach ppl abt health education regarding steps to eradicate TB.Let's make difference!@satyamevjayate

#tickingTimeBomb Salute to the selfless dedication of DOTs volunteers who are the key to conquer the national emergency known as TB.Bravo!

Wonderful work and it motivates us to do something for the society. Our role does not end only by giving donation.

Yes, we need to declare TB as a national health emergency...this episode brings huge awareness...i thought my worries r much bigger..but now i think it is nothing compared to the pain ppl r been through n still being strong...
Shweta Tembhrey

I'm very proud of Deepti Chavan's braveness, courage, and heroic fi8 for survival. She is an inspiration to da world. I wish I could be there to help her. I will be honoured to meet her in person.

I have lost my mom 2 years ago due this disease, however she had completed her course but she was not well completely. Bcz of that I lost my sweetest mom. One, she was not treated well in the hospitals, i saw that doctors and nurses were very careless about patients as if they r animals. Two, the major cause of death of my mom that I have understood is that my family members always used to go babajis, ojhas, jhad-funk, tantra-mantra etc. I have tried a lot to stop that but all forced me to shut my mouth and finally I saw my mother dieing in front of me. Now I m in M.Sc after completing it I'll firstly finish that all "andhvishwas".
Thank you aamir sir, u r doing very well.

I want to share my story, as I have never told anyone closest to me(other than my parents). I was in class 9 and use to play soccer at zone level. but suddenly I started to feel pain while I breath under my left rib case. the Dr told I have got TB. my mum was crying and first I had cold sweats(as a kid I was scared) then I thought I have to fight and win like its another match of soccer. Its then my real treatment started and I had to go to hospital everyday twice to take injections and had medicine continuously for about six months. after that i was allowed to go to school again. I started to pick up the pace and played till national level and then uni. Now I'm Australian citizen and gonna help "Operation Asha" so that they can help someone who could recover and lead a normal life again. Cheers

I am a Dot provider in Delhi and appreciate your episode on TB. Dots workers do not get their salary timely. There is no medical facilities to them. Many Dots workers are dying due to tb.They are getting salary below then a 4th class employee. Their children are suffering. In Capital city Delhi workers are fighting for their rights. What is our future, we have given our 15 years to this tb programme. Our equivalent worker in govt gets much more and all facilities even tb care allounce but what for us???

Greetings!!! I would like to congratulate you on the success of Satyamev Jayate. I've been working as District TB Officer in a small district of Gujarat. The Treatment of M.D.R TB is so expensive that even middle class person can't afford it. We in Gujarat have diagnosed M.D.R TB within two months of starting treatment also. So I think Govt. Doctors are not working so Badly. The M.D.R TB patients got the infection of resistant bacteria because some physicians from private hospitals kept changing the Antibiotics & not reporting the patient to us. Something urgently needs to be done for the notification of the TB patients from private sector. After watching your programme, some people have started coming to us for sputum examination and awareness has arisen. Thank you. Regards,
Dr Seema

Dear Sirs, Thank you very much for the insightful episode. I am a Social research manager and have worked in an all India study on Understanding TB Diagnostics dynamics in India. Wanted to share some of the key take outs from the same, which I believe should have been touched upon-

»Serological test for TB has been banned but still, there is huge dependency on the same to conclude the TB infection in a patient.

» In most of the cases, especially in rural India, tests like Culture TB, Drug susceptibility etc are not available. So, MDR is greatly neglected.

» GeneXpert, which is the latest development is so expensive that neither labs nor doctors recommend it. It should be totally integrated with DOTS.

» Mandatory notification of TB cases to government authority by any private healthcare provider has been practically missing. Thus the estimation of gravity of TB problem in India might be underestimated as well.


Aamir sir and your all team we are very thankful for shedding light on this crisis TB and MDR TB...I also a MDR-TB patient when I was 14 years old...I take TB treatment 7 years..and I m not to able to express my feeling and pain with these… but I feel totaly blessed that now I defeat the disease with my family's support...

I am inspired to start operation asha at my place - Hyderabad. There are so many people suffering from the TB,who are not aware of this disease. We have so many people who will come forward to help us.
Nazia Banu

Today after watching the episode on Tuberculosis, their is one story that I want to share with your team. My partner was diagnosed with TB year back.Before Tb was diagnosed his family was not ready for intercaste marriage and had superstitious believes like manglik dosh and all.After Tb was diagnosed ,his family agreed for intercaste marriage thinking that no one will marry their son.I accepted his disease,anyone can have this disease,I stood by him and gave him all support that he needed. I am seasonal allergic.I have pollen allergy usually in the month of March or November.My disease was told in advanced to his mother.She dint said anything initially because her son was having Tb.Now after 1 yr she refused for marriage saying that her son can get a better girl physically. Reason being her son is fit and fine. She thinks seasonal allergy is communicable which is not true.On one part MOM has reached MARS, but the other part of India is still stucked in Manglik dosh,apshagun,kundli and all..

Maine aap ka episode dekha aur mare dil ne kara ....main TB ke patient ke liye kuch krna chahta..matlub kuch paise dena chahta hon ta ki shaid kisi ki jaan bach sake ya kuch help ho sake..
Vipan Kumar

Respected sir! i am dr. Amjad from pakistan working for poor community since 2006.doing free medical camps and what ever i can for the rural we all know TB is main disease in poor rural areas,people sacrifice due to their socio economical status. i need ambulances,TB drugs and other essential medicines to help out and save the humanity.
Dr. Amjad

I am based in Vancouver and I get up early on Sundays to watch this show. I had no idea there were different strains of TB and I found the programme very informative.

Sir, I really appreciate your efforts to help all citizens of India. I am from pharmaceutical field and want to help your foundation if you want any type of help am ready to help you.
M Dasani

Hi Aamir, I am emailing from the United Kingdom I work in the TB department and I am very glad to know that you have raised this awareness. More campaigns should be done through the for raising awareness on TB symptoms because TB is a public health risk!
Whether we are Pakistani Indian Bangladeshi Chinese African white etc... We are all one nation and sent by one God so we should all help one another to make this world a better place.

Hello Sir, I'm employee of Central Government Health Scheme Dispensary as a Pharmacist, I had counsel to one of our patient to carry on treatment in DOT centre but she refuses while saying who will go to state government DOT centre bcoz there she has be in big que for OPD to take case paper for alternate day dose she said she will take treatment from private Doctor, but after some days she came again and said that she is having side effects of medicines, then I had suggested her to go to DOT centre bcoz we have well trained doctor in DOT Center. Afterwards she continued her treatment in DOT CENTRE, I want to make people aware, that DOT Centre have good measure to diagnose & for the treatment of TB patients. Germs never count standard of living so if u belong to high standard of living or middle class then too medicines provided by government are of good standard quality with proper measures.

Hi ! I'm Amrithavally from kerala .I'm 17 years old . I watched the episode on tuberculosis and I'm very much influenced . I really wanted to start an organisation like Operation Asha on a small scale to have a check on all TB patients in my locality so as to ensure that they are leading a healthy life .. I'm also ready to give some awareness classes for the people along with my frnds and others who are ready to make a change for a better world.

Namaskar sir, Your programme was very great and arise the hope to control and eradicate the T.B. in India. I have been working under rntcp for last eleven year. I would like to thank you for your contribution to advertise our programme. As we know that we require soldiers for any war. We can not win any war without soldier. I know that we are as soldiers against T.B. disease. But we are struggling our future. Most of the rntcp workers have spent their golden career age, marriage age in this programme. We don't know what future will be. I heared that some rntcp workers have been died to be infect with T.B. There are no study leave, no age relaxtation for any competitive exam, no mediclaim, accidental claim, no risk allowance. If government regularize us. It will be very moral support for us and this process help to fights against T.B. and will strengthen the programme. I request to convey this message to the government or head of the programme in your way. finally I would like to say thank you again to give us your precious time.

Thanks aamir sir, your episode was very nice, its help me and my family too much, my father is TB Patient from month of oct-2014, this program help us to treat him better, Thanks a lot ones agains to you and your satyamev team.
Sonam Tiwari

Your episode on tuberculosis has inspired me a lot. I have been taking medicines and injections for TB for two years now. I have gone through a lot of pain but now I am inspired to help other TB patients and will contact the NGOs that are working to fight this disease. Thanks a lot, Satyamev Jayate.
Sunil Rathod



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