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Part of the family

Anand Singh and his family are waiting for someone special to come to their house. Someone who they claim is as important to them as their own children. As Urmi Jadhav and Shreya climb up the stairs of their house, they too, are eager to see Singh and his family. They are welcomed warmly into the house and served refreshments. A long chat ensues thereafter as Urmi and Shreya make themselves at home.

This is the scenario at a typical 'family meet' where transgenders are invited to people's houses and in turn, their lives. Such meets were introduced and encouraged by an initiative that aims to integrate transgenders in mainstream society—Anam Prem.

Urmi talks about the difficulties she faced in her past and reiterates the importance of being accepted in society. Singh and his family are one of the many families who do this. In their building itself, other families are a part of this initiative and together, they contribute towards building a better, loving and more accepting society.

Please join Anam Prem's Family Meet initiative, a step towards greater acceptance for the hijra community. You can get in touch on the following email ids / mobile nos:
- Santosh Joglekar at   / +91 9833039196
- Vaishali Bidaye Amin at   / +91 9821983614
- Krupali Bidaye at 

You can also visit Anam Prem's Facebook page for further information. 



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