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Write about a time in your life when you felt really low or depressed and break the taboo around sharing stories of emotional distress and mental illnesses.

Participate with a text story, video or audio byte:

  • Post your story on Facebook starting with: "Here's my story for Satyamev Jayate's 'No Stigma, No Shame' campaign." Use #AHealthyMind with your story.
  • Tweet your story using #AHealthyMind
  • Email or WhatsApp at least 5 people your story and send a copy to us at with the subject 'My Story'.
  • Leave a comment on starting with "Here's my story for Satyamev Jayate's 'No Stigma, No Shame' campaign."

Don't forget to send us a screenshot of your social media post through Facebook, Twitter, website or email! We will showcase your story on our online platforms to help inspire others. Confidentiality will be maintained if desired.

About The Campaign

Most of us feel sad, anxious or fed-up from time to time. But do we find it easy to openly talk about our feelings with our friends, family or colleagues? Most of us don't, and understandably so. Luckily, most of us feel better soon. But there are thousands who find it very hard to seek help from friends or mental health professionals. Many even commit suicide.

We urge you to break the silence surrounding incidents that make us feel vulnerable or distressed and share your story with us. More importantly, share it with your loved ones and acquaintances.

Let's come together to share and document our stories of struggle and triumph and build a community of people who care.

Watch Videos From The Show

Veena Ail talks about her daughter committing suicide
Ratna Chibber's inspiring story of helping her brother fight schizophrenia
Aruna Prakash and Yatin Nadkarni triumph over depression

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