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Since 2012, Satyamev Jayate’s episodes have focused on 24 topics, facilitated donations for 30 NGOs and brought to light the important work done by many more NGOs and individuals. These organizations work tirelessly for the rights of marginalized communities and help many lead a more dignified life. Many of you have also supported these organizations through donations, offering to volunteer with them or sending them your message of solidarity and appreciation.

Varun Sheth, Co-Founder and CEO of Ketto writes about how important and easy it is for us to use our networks to raise funds and resources for NGOs or causes that we care about.

Helping our community is necessary. Driving positive social change—in whatever way we can—is necessary. In today’s world, being proactive is necessary.

One of the easiest things that you can do is to start an online campaign for a social cause and rally supporters from your social network—your friends, relatives, neighbours, colleagues and acquaintances.

Here are some tips that can help:

  • Write about your fundraising campaign on your Facebook and Twitter page. Do share a link that has more details.
  • Talk about why you are campaigning and what the cause means to you.
  • Post the campaign link as a status message on Google Talk, WhatsApp or any other messaging service that you use.
  • Send an email to your contacts as well as e-groups, blogs and websites that post about developments and initiatives in the social sector.
  • Write to journalists and social media agencies and check whether they could feature or support your initiative or the NGO’s work.
  • Tweet to some people about your campaign. Many causes have received support from influential users on Twitter in the form of retweets and mentions.
  • Keep the text explaining your campaign short and specific and use images to make your campaign more attractive.
  • Give the NGO’s and your contact details in your campaign so people can contact you with any doubts or questions.
  • Share your campaign’s progress with your contacts as it may make them feel more involved.
  • Encourage the NGO that you are raising funds for to give you a list of the small and big things that they require. Some donors may prefer to buy the items that are needed.

You can visit to create your campaign and support a cause or an NGO. 90% of the funds from your campaign on Ketto will go to the beneficiary NGO and the rest will be used to meet the costs of running the campaign.

You can also visit Ketto’s Mumbai office for a free educational session on crowdfunding and how it works every Wednesday from 4:30 to 5:30 pm. Please write to if you wish to reserve a seat.



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