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Stories of Change

Alcohol Abuse

Think Before You Drink


From alcoholic to change-maker

Vijay Simha becomes a full-time sobriety campaigner

When noted journalist Vijay Simha narrated the story of freeing himself from alcoholism on the Alcohol Abuse episode, he became a symbol of hope and courage for many. People admired his brutal honesty, and many even sought counselling from him. Here, he talks about how his life took a new turn after the episode.

“People from across the world contacted me and said they were inspired by my story. I gave up full-time journalism and moved to sobriety work. I was thinking about doing this for a while, but a set of circumstances around the time of the show gave me the motivation.

I began to speak at public forums and started Sober Up!, a series of one-minute videos on YouTube about fighting alcoholism. I was also invited to two prime time news shows—CNN-IBN’s Face The Nation and the Bhutan Broadcasting Service’s Talking Matters.

My wife and I have firmed up plans to start an institution to provide counselling and rehabilitation services. I am also working on opening a halfway home in a town in Uttar Pradesh with two friends and fellow journeymen in recovery.

I am happy that I have been able to help some people recover from addiction, and I am proud to see them live a happy, healthy and productive life.”



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