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Old Age

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Second innings

Children might want to live with their elderly parents, but seniors may desire a life of their own

Stories of children who ill-treated their own parents were shown on the Old Age episode. One viewer however, wrote to us about what he called ‘the other side of the coin’. While he wanted to live with his parents, they wanted to live life on their own terms. Here is Ashwin's story:

“I am an IIT post-graduate in animation film design and am compelled live in Mumbai because of my work. My parents used to live in Nagpur and I used to send them a part of my salary every month. When my mother was diagnosed with a brain tumour, we were shocked and though I wanted them to live with me in Mumbai, they refused.

Later, my father was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Even then, they wouldn't come and stay with me. I could not leave my job because I have one of the highest paying jobs in India in my field. Besides, my job would help me pay for their medical treatment and expenses.

There was no dispute between us, but their point was, ‘This is what we wanted all our lives—a life of our own. Now let us live it.’ I agreed, but never stopped asking them.

I did not do any of the cruel things like the ones showed in the episode. Rather, my feelings are the inverse. Sadly, for the first time, my answer to your question is negative. NO. I love my parents MORE than they love me!”



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