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Going organic

Kheti Virasat Mission has been encouraging farmers to say no to pesticides

Kheti Virasat Mission

Since May 2012, Kheti Virasat Mission has expanded its infrastructure and activities. Computers and laptops have been upgraded; three organic food festivals and consumer outreach programmes have been organized; and the NGO now publishes its own bi-monthly magazine, Balihari Kudrat.

Taking the message of pesticide-free farming forward, the organization has trained farmers in 17 districts of Punjab and has adopted 14 villages in the Faridkot and Barnala districts to encourage organic kitchen gardening among women.

Kheti Virasat Mission has also purchased a plot in Jaitu to construct its permanent office, which the organization calls Satyamev Jayate Kisan Bhavan. This office will also house Kudrati Kheti Gurukul, a training centre for organic farming.

A mini truck has been purchased to transport organic produce from the farmers of Faridkot and Bathinda to the market. The organization’s activities have found mention in various mainstream and social media platforms and above all, people have access to food that is free of pesticides.

“Though Kheti Virasat Mission was in the limelight among activists, agricultural scientists and farmers even before Satyamev Jayate, the show gave us a platform to reach the masses.”

- Umendra Dutt, Executive Director, Kheti Virasat Mission

KhetiVirasat Mission

Since 2005, Kheti Virasat Mission has been working closely with the farmers of Punjab to encourage organic and sustainable methods of farming. The organization also addresses the need to conserve natural water resources and conducts workshops on topics such as environmental health and eco-sustainable rural development.

Kheti Virasat Mission

Tel:+9101635 503415





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