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Child Sexual Abuse

Break The Silence


The kids are alright

How two children, inspired by the episode on child sexual abuse, helped catch a neighbourhood bully

In Raj Chavan's (name changed) neighbourhood, a few men, usually drunk, would create havoc every now and then. When his father pointed out that they were setting a bad example for the children, they lashed out at Raj. In his father’s absence, they beat him a number of times and even sent their family members to do the same.

Along with Meena (name changed), his childhood friend and neighbour, Raj went to the local police station to lodge a complaint. The police dissuaded them and did not file a complaint because they were "just children". They went to the police station again and this time, with some footage sourced from the CCTV camera outside Meena's father's office, which showed the goons beating Raj. The police still refused to co-operate.

It was then that the kids saw Satyamev Jayate’s episode on child sexual abuse. Immediately, they called CHILDLINE and narrated the incident to some of the organization's volunteers. For two days, Raj was even kept safely at the CHILDLINE office in their city and given protection and care.

The children made a trip to the police station yet again, but this time with a CHILDLINE volunteer. The police's behaviour changed completely. They lodged a complaint immediately and spoke to Meena and Raj with respect. The same night, the goons were arrested and a case was lodged against them.

This incident made Meena and Raj realize the importance of taking the initiative to help themselves. They say they are glad that they didn't give up. Often, children are misunderstood or taken lightly because of their age. However, Meena vividly remembers a line from the episode that inspired them to continue their fight: "Respect someone not because of their age, but because of their behaviour."



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