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Domestic Violence

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An organization uses clippings from the Domestic Violence episode to sensitize people about gender issues

Founded in 1983, the Centre for Social Research is a Delhi-based organization that works on issues related to gender. It aims to empower women and girls, guarantee their fundamental rights and encourage people to think from a gender perspective.

As a part of a project called Meri Shakti Meri Beti, the organization has conducted gender sensitization workshops in various communities. The curriculum consists of clippings from Satyamev Jayate, among other materials. Here, Amitabh Kumar, the head of media and communications at the centre, tells us why these clippings made their way into the workshops.

“The show helped raise many extremely important social issues related to gender-based violence. During our sensitization trainings, we played clips to explain issues to trainees, for example, patriarchy, domestic violence and sex-selective abortion. Aamir's interaction with Kamla Bhasin is probably one of the best clips to explain patriarchy.

The simplicity with which issues are explained really helps us as social activists. Also, the presence of a celebrity keeps the interest level high. Since trainings have to be a balanced experience—with information, interaction, humour and seriousness—it helps that Satyamev Jayate is a familiar show. It keeps the trainees in their comfort zone and helps the trainers as Aamir debates the topic on their behalf.

I also like the style in which the show is done—it has a hidden activist tone about it. While highlighting the problem, it’s also pushing for solutions and telling the viewers how they can be a part of change.”



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