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Stories of Change

Persons With Disabilities

We Can Fly!

  •   Accessible Gwalior

    Accessible Gwalior

    The district can now boast about being 95% barrier-free

  •   Learning together

    Learning together

    Many institutions contacted Amar Jyoti School to learn more about inclusive education

  •   Seeing differently

    Seeing differently

    Nisha Lobo’s story has helped change mindsets, says her mother

  •   Family of Hope

    Family of Hope

    This NGO is hoping to make a centre in Delhi TO help people with disabilities become self reliant and self sustaining.

  •   The Amar Jyoti way

    The Amar Jyoti way

    The entire campus of the Amar Jyoti centre in Gwalior is accessible to all. It has tactile path, ramps, loop induction and disabled friendly bus for school students

  •   Marching South

    Marching South

    Sai Prasad is the first disabled Asian to have travelled to the Antarctica