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Power to you

Be an information activist by spreading the word about the problems that exist in our society. Here are some resources that can help you empower yourself and others.


Power to you


We can demand accountability and transparency with these tools

From Vote to Voice

If eternal vigilance is the price of democracy, every citizen has the duty to assess its workings. Yet, most of us spend a significant amount of time criticizing the establishment instead of trying to change it. Casting a vote once in five years is not enough for a democracy to thrive; its citizens must constantly monitor and engage with the government to ensure that it delivers the rights it promises to them.

Struggles to achieve this are seen across the country. Individuals and collectives have put their weight behind democratic ideals, like the right to information, the right to local self-governance, and the right to monitor governments.

To this end, common people have demanded information from elected representatives and government officials about the workings of government departments and schemes. They have asked: What happens to our taxes after we pay them? How are government projects being implemented? Where are the benefits guaranteed to us by government schemes? Why is public money being siphoned off for personal gains?

Many are working to make the government more accountable to its people. If public money is being misused, they are making sure it is returned to whom it rightfully belongs. Others are taking an active role in local self-governance—in panchayats and mohalla sabhas—and jointly making policy decisions with officials.

Until we, the citizens of India, raise our voices, until we demand accountability and transparency, things will not change. We can do this with the help of tools given to us by the very democracy which we are a part of. On this website, we share with you information about laws that guarantee us some voice in governance and those not yet passed that need your advocacy and support.