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India needs a modern, democratic police force. A people's police not a ruler's police. Sign the petition for police reforms.


India needs a modern, democratic police force. A people's police not a ruler's police.

Sign the petition for police reforms.
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Petition state chief ministers, home ministers

demanding that the Supreme Court's order in Shri Prakash Singh's case be implemented and a people friendly police be created in every state.

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The Indian police

The Indian police, critical for the healthy functioning of a democracy, has been long neglected. Criticism of the police force is commonplace. However, do we acknowledge just how vital a role the police play in our daily lives? While we celebrate festivals, they are out manning the streets. While we enjoy cricket matches, they are guarding the stadium. They are out there, engaged in long, gruelling bandobasts, each time there is the smallest security threat.

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Pouring out their hearts

Pouring out their hearts

Many policemen and their families wrote to us about the difficulties they face while discharging their duties.

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Show of support

Show of support

From gestures of empathy to offers of support, many viewers expressed their solidarity with the police force.

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A quick snapshot of how viewers have responded to the Police episode


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