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Sharing some of the responses and stories of change on the issues we addressed in Season 3



Discovering the magic of sports

A large number of you wrote to us about being inspired to play sports, encouraging others to play and volunteering or working with organizations that use sports for development in response to our episode, A Ball Can Change the World. We thank you deeply for doing so.

Find below some of the comments that we received online.

I am watching #SatyamevJayate & this is a brilliant step to promote sports in India. As the Sports Minister, I appeal everyone to come up with their suggestions to develop sports in india. I promise not to leave any stone unturned to make sports a way of life. I hope more such shows like #SatyamevJayate will come up in future. #LetsPlayIndia
Sarbananda Sonowal, Sports Minister

Aamir's @satyamevjayate episode was a déjà vu for me, sports4all will change country's future #MumkinHai
Sachin Tendulkar, Cricketer

Saw @satyamevjayate yesterday. Hope every school now starts to focus more on sport. Well said @aamir_khan sport is education!
Virat Kohli, Cricketer

Superb show @satyamevjayate today! Brilliant start to season,highlights why we need sports to be at core of education system #LetsPlayIndia
Mohammad Kaif, Cricketer

wonderful, moving episode of #satyamevjayate. never know where champions are coming from, just need to empower more people. objective of sport though isn't only to produce champions. it is to enrich yourself. one of the few great forces of our time #satyamevjayate
Harsha Bhogle, Cricket commentator

#MumkinHai I have been a bookish! Never bothered to sport and be fit . Today I pledge my kids will be something in some sport

Today watching the episode i m changing my mind.My son will join the sports academy soon.

Hi My Husband is italian Football coach he would like to be helpful to Magic Bus Pls. let us know how can we get in touch.

amir sir your show is awesome and I will also start to play more games...and make sports a part of my life

#LetsPlayIndia amazing episode. Thnk you Amir. You hav nspired me to start playing again. I am taking owth today to start playing today

ultimate show and great concept mumkin hai. From today I promise you I will spend one day in week for sports only.

I luv sprtz but didn't 've time but I pledge 2day tat I'll play at least 1hr in a week #MumkinHai Hats off #amir

#MumkinHai Great job..we are really inspired.. We will make a better India least once in week we will try to play our favourite sport

Thankyou @aamir_khan From now onwards I will try to gv atleast 1 hour to any sports once in a week.

in past I m uni. Badminton player 3 time runerup but I leave due to financial crisis, now I decided to play again

@satyamevjayate I stopped playing badminton since 2010 and this inspired me to play again thank you.#MumkinHai #letsplayindia

Watching #SatyamevJayate with my wife(school teacher). We both pledge to play sports at least 2 hrs a week. #LetsPlayIndia , change India.

This show #Motivated me a lot to play sports. After today's episode I realised if old people can play sports why can't I? #LetsplayIndia :)

today's episode has motivated enough to start my PE classes again #Nevertoooldtoplay!!! thanks @aamir_khan

Its my honourable duty as a teacher,I will definitely increase sports activity in my school. Thank u aamir sir

#mumkinhai @aamir_khan aamir I am quitting my job after watching this show and will contribute my life to sports as it was my dream

@satyamevjayate Thanks Amir for such an inspirational episode, i'll also start playing from today :)

@satyamevjayate Thnku so much! Today's episode gave me the inspiration to continue my badminton. I am realizing how much I missed it!

Your doing a tremendous job .. This show is very inspiring ... . It has changed my views regarding sports #mumkin hai @satyamevjayate

@satyamevjayate my favt my wholl family watch this change my view on sport...Rock # AMIR SIR

I really inspire todays episode. I try to change in people and enhance interests in people toward sports

Thank you for an amazing show Aamir sir..My dad saw this and he gave me permission to join Kho kho team.. #LetsPlayIndia

This episode has motivated me to involve myself in some sport and serve community by joining hands with magic bus #mumkinhai

By watching today's ep of satyamev jayate I wish to start a campaign like isha foundation.A monthly sports day for all the elders.#mumkinhai

I cudn't follow my dream but aftr watching the show I hope to start my own sports school someday. #MumkinHai #LetsPlayIndia

I never like sports but after watching today's episode I pledge to play it everyday... #ThankYou

#MumkinHai @aamir_khan great job by Amir Khan. This episode changed my outlook on sports. I'll also play now.

today episode has encouraged me to play sports more often...#sportsforall #healthybody #healthymind

#MumkinHai this show will definitely change the society .. truly inspired to change myself as well as society #SatyamevJayate

hi aamir I love your show and I 'll start to paly any sport after watching 2days show

#SatyamevJayate This episode truly changes my thinking about sports and inspired me.Salute to you #SatyamevJayate

I thank u for inspiring us 2 d core. Sports is definitely gonna be a part of my daily routine starting frm today #MumkinHai

todays episode cleared my mind. now i now how to train my kidz for their overall development #mumkinhai

I was not playing any sports for last two years....but after watching dis show,i'll play atleast every sunday.. #MumkinHai

today's show was very inspiring.Thank you so much.The elders in my house are getting ready to make a hockey team

#SatyamevJayate wow ! Thank you Aamir the program is an eye opener I wish I had seen it whn my son was growing up

#SatyamevJayate Thanks amir. Lovely thoughts behind the show. My daughter is 10 months and now I am keen to take her in sports

I am ready to wake up early tomorrow for my life #football after watching #SatyamevJayate because I know that inspite of odds #MumkinHai.

#SatyamevJayate tomorrow morning, i am gonna do less workout and play more.. loved today's episode.. #mumkinhai #LetsPlayIndia

Totally support amir sir's initiative. Definitely I'm gonna do something to initiate sports in my colony. #MumkinHai

@satyamevjayate i always used to play games on my mob but now i feel motivated to play outdoor #LetsPlayIndia @aamir_khan hatsoff

this episode inspired me a lot.. I definitely join swimming and add this sport in my day to day life.

#SatyamevJayate #amirkhan show inspired me so much today that I promise to myself to take up a sport right from today. #mumkinhai

@satyamevjayate @aamir_khan #SatyamevJayate is d only show that starts a fire inside me to do something for d country,for d ppl around me.

thanks for making me feel nostalgic about sports.I feel like getting back to my athletic field.amir u rock.

#MumkinHai thank u so much amir sir.. When I become father, I never going to pressure my child for study if they love to play.

After passing out frm school..I had stopped playing Sports but after 2days epi I'll it again 4m 2day only #MumkinHai #Gr8Epi

I love this show. They inspired me towards my passion to continue which i stopped before. #MumkinHai

#LetsPlayIndia Completely disconnected myself from real world .....but now I will take interest in Sports.....Really an inspiring Episode..

I am So much inspired by today's episode that i am rejoining my football practice from today only #MumkinHai #LetsPlayIndia

hi aamir, finaly my satyamevjayate started, today i desided that i will give my kds isha and ishika a best platfrom that is SPORTs..

Awesome episode motivated me to play!!!I m a teacher n looking forward to play with my students thx again @satyamevjayate #MumkinHai

awsmmm show... M also motivated to devote my time toward sports rather than f.b n all... #LetsPlayIndia

@satyamevjayate acts as a ray of hope in this society. Love this show! Today's show actually motivated me to play #LetsPlayIndia #MumkinHai

todays show was very inspiring I personally want to join a sport and contribute in it..! Jai hind Satyamev.jayte!

@satyamevjayate has been a revelation in re kindling the sports interest in me and re emphasized the importance of sports in day to day life

Wow that was an amazing episode of #SatyamevJayate. Will surely make sports a part of my life O:) . Thanks Aamir #MumkinHai

#SatyamevJayate loved the episode totally..left me spell bound!!! gona start my fav sport frm life #MumkinHai !! hats off

#MumkinHai. today after this episode I and my NGO decided to promote sports till today we are working in the field of education and health.

I take a pledge to devote an hour in sports daily & also take my family Wife & Daughter (3 years old) along. Really inspiring. #Mumkin Hai... Thank you..
Vishwanath Kadkol

awsme episode...after ths...m gonna motivate my sister who is champion of basket ball in the school...aamir sr well done..hats off...nd thnx fr motivation..
Mehak Gupta

I saw your first serial of Season 3 (A ball can change the world). I like it very much, and I pass the weblink to the Principal of the school "Podar International School - Kalyan" where my children study. I hope after watching this serial, few more young students will be inspire towards the sports and this will bring a change into their life. Please do no stop this serial, bring more new ideas, so that our peoples wake up and change the system and bring the better way in our life.
V K Wadhwa

I am from barwani (mp). I want to do something for my area & my country.I Inspired by yours today's (05/102014) program. Please give me a chance.
Darshan Sharma

thank u so much satyamev jayate...aap sab ne ek new topic par discuss kia n mujhe ye feel karwaya ki hum life mein kuch bhi kar sakte hai wid the help of sports...thank u again :)

I am a player of the Table Tennis. I want to give the Coaching of Table Tennis to the Children's for making the name of our country in the world.

Near the completion of my Sport and Health Sciences programme (MSc University of Exeter, Exeter, UK), I was offered a job opportunity to work as a Sports Scientist abroad. However, I was determined to contribute my time, energy and efforts, towards the upliftment and betterment of sports sciences in India and therefore, I returned to my country with strong belief and determination. However, it causes me immense grief and disappointment to bring it to your attention that ever since my return to India, I have sent emails to several sports federations and private organisations, and, so far i have not received a positive response from any of them.
Shikhar Suman Bassi

I am 22 year old Mumbaikar and i am a big fan of Formula1. I am Following it since 2003. I really wanted to build a career in Motorsports but i didn't had the encouragement nor financial support from my family. Your show has inspired me to at least try to go for my dream.

A friend of mine who used to play cricket initially for Maharashtra and then for Karnataka. He has represented India in under-17 group. But due to further political approaches and partial decisions of the management, he couldn't get selected for the team in the further phase of the game. Today I feel very sad to inform you that he has lost all the hope and quit playing cricket 2 months ago. If you motivate him to play it would be great on your part. I have never ever seen such dedication and passion for the game in someone's eyes.

I am a medical student and i just love sports. Even in my school I was a sports girl throughout my school life but now in the college everything has changed as our college authorities and principle don't allow us to play sports. They say that you are not doing BA or BBA or some engineering course - you are in a medical college. And if we go to play sports then they say we will not give you the attendance and you'll not be able to give exams.Sir, I just want to ask you a very simple thing...I knw that I am going to become a doctor but does it mean that everything after this is finished...Am I not supposed to play sports just because I am in a medical college or I am a medical student? No sir....Sir I cannot live without sports.....but I don't knw what to do
Seema (name changed)

Your episode connected to sports was mind boggling and opens up a new perspective for me. We run educational institutes in Sangli ,Kolhapur,Pune & Nagpur Districts, under "Suraj Foundation", where in equal importance to school academia is given to sports. We have developed a very good sports infrastructure around & I am proud to admit 30% of my students play in state & nationals. Most unfortunately people have branded our school as "sports" school and give less or no preference to admit their children. Can you pls. suggest me ways & means to change the mind set of parents towards sports so that maximum students can avail the benefits of the sports facility that we have created.
N G Kamath

I, the Founder and Trustee of Eastern Sports & Adventure Activity Promoter-Trust (KACHCHH), would like to inform you that your episode of sports was fabulous. As per my observation in my region its left deep impact on youth specially when "Khel Mahakumbh" is going on in GUJARAT STATE.I really appreciate this unique way to promote sports.
Jayrajsinh Vaghela

After your today's show on sports I m having the feeling of guilt. My son was absolutely dedicated to the sports. He was finally selected in cricket nursery test held at National Sports Stadium. He was also given green card in Talkatora swimming pool for his swimming skills. when he was 7 yrs. old one of tennis coach at Palam Air Force grounds told me that ur son has God given talent and one day he will be National player. Please give him to me but we parents could not provided him facilities to pursue the sports. We were looking some better career for him. We really killed his talent. There might be so many such parents. It'll be a lesson for us.
Dr Magan Kumar Agarwal

The entire show about sports and inspirational stories of simple people brought tears to my eyes. I am an educator by profession. I would love to associate with your program and support your movement to recognize stars of India and address social and cultural issues of India.
Rajeev Swami

We are national players of sports.We had the best coach for our sports and we the best in our sports. We wished to continue sports always but could not do because of family issues and studies issues. We are encouraged now to inspire and put forth other students and players into sports and live and love sports because of your show.
Shanice Fernandes and Mayuri Teli

I'm a class 10th student. After watching the very first episode of this season of Satyamev Jayate, I was motivated to put my bit so I can help in reduction of decline of sports in INDIA and we can see INDIAN sports reaching new heights. I have written 2 messages, one to the sports minister of India and other to the PM of India on his official website for the same. I hope my efforts would help in improvement of sports in INDIA.
Anika Mahajan

I am writing to you to find out if it's possible for me as an Indian residing overseas to help promote the organisations you support and their work in Canada and help spread the word and encourage other Indians who would want to support them as well!!
Megha Bagga

We, Ffi International, are manufacturers and exporters of notebooks and paper stationery. We have launched a domestic brand of notebooks for school and college children with the ultimate purpose of empowering children for a stronger India. We would like to make our next series on Sports as a Way of Life, and print such inspirational stories as you have shared in today's episode of Satyamev Jayate.
Heeta Lakhani

I have played at professional level football in the fa cup in England being the greatest achievement! I have been to India a few times and always play football with the kids I'd love to start a football academy I have links that could give kids in India a chance to either go Portugal or here I. England and start there professional careers I want to give these kids the best off chances they deserve it and there's millions off rOnaldo and messi in India let's give em that chance please help me and let me know how to get it started
Agostinho Guedes

I want to join NGO which promotes sports among underprivilege children alongwith my son who is 14 yrs old hearing impaired by birth and like football etc. I am willing to take any respsonsibility to be given by said NGO in my city Chandigarh. I am lawyer by profession.
Jyoti Kausahl

I have a small creative design and marketing agency in Leicester, United Kingdom. I really felt the 'magic bus' project touched my heart, it's a fantastic project in providing the facilities and increase in confidence in the development of the children. I've always wanted to be a part of a project where I feel, I may be able to provide assistance or help in making a difference to someone's life. If there is anything I can help you with, it would be my pleasure in assisting you to help strengthen your work and efforts you in your various projects.

Each episode leaves me pondering what can I do help… I really enjoyed the episode aired on 5/10/14 in UK. Especially seeing the senior sportsmen/women. For me that was truly inspiring.
Husna Umerji

I am from Singapore. I am a film maker who is currently based in Chennai, Tamil nadu. I watched your first episode of SJ. It was simply inspiring. I would like to know more information about your first interviewee - the slum soccer guy. Would like to interview him and am inspired for a screenplay.
Yasmeen Parveen

Dear Aamir Sir, The episode was too good sir. I was able to convince my uncle that sports were equally important in our life. Before watching the episode he used to argue that studies are the only important things. Not only him sir I can see the seeds of change in many people around me including me. Thank you sir.
Mahesh Kumar

Sir, I am pursuing my masters from Indore School Of Social Work and doing my internship with Rotary Paul Harris school for mentally challenged peoples, Indore. I am keenly interested to work with Magic Bus and open its branch at Indore. Thanking you!
Stuti Tiwari

Mr. Aamir Khan, Sir.. Because of your show people like me who genuinely want to help others are coming forward as they have got a medium through which they can reach the needy. Sir, even I'm one of them. I really want to serve to humanity.

I pledge that will remove some time for sports. I always wanted to play tennis and Now I will remove time for the same
Vicky, Mumbai

My son's name is Shubham,18 years and has learning disabilities.Yesterday when I saw Shubham Golf Champion,tears was in my eyes. On 4th August my son swam English Channel in brutal weather within 12hrs 42mins which is most toughest challenge of the world and similar to mount Everest.On 14th August he swam The strait of Gibraltor within 3hrs 16min and broke the Asian Record.But this message could not passed to our Indians at national level as Media and Channel has not supported us except some local news papers.very few sponsors and our well wishers supported us. please watch SHUBHAM'S video on web site and support him.
Dipika Vanmali

I am school teacher. I am from kolkata. Aapka first episode dekhkar i am so inspired. Mere school me aisa kahi sare ladke hain jo sudharna nehi chahate. But their parent are not concern about it. So how should i help them.
Ankita Samanta

i m from Delhi i love to play boxing but i can't reason is that i hesitate to talk about boxing in front of my parents. now please help me and tell me some suggestion so that i can play boxing pleaseand can convince my parents

In early 2012, my mother was diagnosed with a deadly disease. Though she had not played any sport during her younger days, she had seen her kids playing badminton, and had seen us grow. This inculcated into her the spirit that she could take on the world, come what may. I think this spirit, along with her extremely positive attitude gave her the strength and the determination to beat the odds and fight for her life. I was so glad that during that time, she was never bogged down, and was always upbeat about the whole scenario. When she left us mid-way this year, I think we three (my father, me and my younger brother) as sportspersons ourselves were able to put this loss at the back of our mind quite quickly than most other people.
Aditya Kanetkar

I have been an athlete who won her first medal in Nationals in Class V and have been the best athlete at state level from 5-12 classes (the entire schooling in all possible age groups). But chose to make my career in the corporate sector as failed to see a career and good life in the sports sector. But since sports is so much a part of me I still work in whatever capacity when it comes to any sporting event ( Commonwealth 2010 ). To be very honest I strongly feel that India has a lot of potential and has caliber to get many more medals, if that talent is handled properly. I really have no idea why I am writing this.....this is the first time i am writing to a TV show.......maybe sports being my passion......tough to hold back......or maybe I can connect with some like minded people and contribute to sports in our country.

I loved today's episode on Sports. I have successfully lived through many serious struggles in my life. I can understand the struggles and pain of the guests on your show. I just can't stop crying when I watch your show and also feel inspired and feel happy that I am winner too in my own life. I immigrated to Toronto, Canada in 2007. I started skiing since last couple of years and I love, love, love this sport. I can't explain how much it changed my life and helped me overcome my mental fears.
Jagdish (name changed)

I was also played karate till state level but since 5 years my parents Didn't allowed me to play it. I hope that parents could understand us one day and we would be in Medal tally of olympics one day
Sommaya Singh

Thanks Aamir..We r really motivated and I m going to tell my friends and family about this and encourage them to send their children into sports....
Sachin Pandey

Thanx for encouraging sports and after watching this episode my fathers view for sports and studies has completely changed

Today's show really inspired me a lot.. Even I thought of restarting my badminton which I stopped playing 6 years ago...
Sumita Choubey

I am a retired Engineer from ISRO, graduated from University of Roorkee ( now IIT-Roorkee) in 1969. During our stay there extracurricular activities were compulsory and I opted for various games during my stay. I could appreciate hard work, working as a team, leading from the front etc and these helped me a lot in my life and career. This mail is to remove misconception that extracurricular activities , Sports, and games hamper studies, in fact it helps concentration and focus.
S K Singh

#LetsPlayIndia Hi after watching today's show I also got motivated now again I will start my sport .and great thanks to amir khan

After seeing the program, I have started playing with my 1.2 Yrs old son (Vihaan Parakh) ... Really hats off to the program... I will ensure to develop sports man spirit in him and always encourage him to play and participate. thank you.

Hii sir I am from Andhra Pradesh, South India. I saw your program and ithana inspire huva ke uss raath mujhe neendh bhi nahi aayi. Mujhe aisa feel lagraha hai ki Mein bhi ek manush huu par mujhe meri desh se kyoe chinta nahi hai.

Sir , outstanding effort and I would love to contribute to this.... I was a boxer and started learning at the age of 4. I am a national champion, all India YMCA champion and represented India in Germany in 1999 and was unbeaten there and won both my fights there....please let me know if I can be a part of this great awakening ....
Elvis, Chennai

Brilliant topic....this episode motivated everyone towards sports and its role in building personality.... There must be a sport teacher in every school and college...govt must take steps towards it...being a teacher I would like to forward my steps first .....
Deepti Vishwakarma

Nobody in our country has been able to touch the right chord in exactly the right manner like Satyamev Jayate and the creative head behind it, Aamir Khan. The opening episode of Season 3 is nothing short of a spectacular idea to steer the much required change in the right direction. In fact, it has inspired me too to take up a sport and change for the better.

Dear Aamir Khan, You are creating a rhythm in our country through this concept of sports and we can feel that one day our country India is going to be on the top. I am a chartered accountant and if my knowledge and skills in the accounting, audit or business advisory side can be of any help to your cause then feel free and it would be my honor to get associated with Satyamev Jayate and work for this noble cause. I am based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Firoz Kasmani

i m from karachi pakistan. today ur show is fabulous and i m very very motivated.
Sana Khan

I really like this episode and I am very happy and emotional to see players coming from small villages and earning respect for the the country. Also, I feel very motivated to maintain my fitness after watching this episode. Thanks!
Dhaval Parekh

i am 76 an old man ,watched your show yesterday and from today i started morning walk. from it you can very well under stand the impact of your shows on the people and is so heartening that you take very serious issues and make them so touching and penetrating that people are forced to watch it and act on it. keep on the good work for ever.
Gopi Krishna Kejriwal

I am speechless after watching the Season 2 Episode 1 - whole day back of the mind ran all the characters who made their appearances in the show. Tears rolled over. Hats off to the Team SMJ for the research work and the excellent execution! Keep it up. I am deeply touched from within! All the very best.
Bharti Deepak Mehta

your fantastic show and your concerns about recent issues many people whom i know in my country (Iran) are inspired to take some life-changing least me,my family and my friends have already started that....thank u...mumkin hai
Nina Khalighi

I was also a sports person when i was in school and i got the opportunity for playing at national level but my parents didn't allowed me. But now I m happy bcoz after watching this video my mother felt sry for not sending me in sports at that time when i was getting the opportunity.
Neha Kumari

another wonderful episode team Satyamev Jayate. . Change to start from myself. . I am starting my sports activities from today onwards..
Vijeta Sharma

The show overwhelmed me completely .. It has raised my hopes to get my kid out there along with other like minded parents into the sporting world! not just 'cos it is being glamorized today but for the discipline it will bring into the individuals.
Shrikant S

The concept of playing games and sports to strengthen the unity was very very inspiring and motivating ! I am a student of class 11 ! due to heavy burden of studies i left playing ...all the tym i study study nd now i will change my routine ! thanx a lot ! Aamir ... u rock !!
Arman Ahmad Khan

very inspired. i am a full time working women and get very tired after finish my every day shift. some time i do think about doing some exercise or joining some kind of sport but same story tired. but after watching today's show i learn something that if the women from Tamil Nadu can play after doing their every day task then why can't I. thanks satyamev jayate

Really great inspiration programme ,me and my friends in London both had watch this programme and made a plan for diwali celebration by not doing only fire works but to make a sports day for entire community so that we can bring real happiness in everyone life hope we get permission from our council

I being a track and field enthusiast, I am still waiting for that moment to say that the world's fastest man/woman is from India. I want to coach and build a really strong athletics team that every country fears. And your show today as surged a renewed fire in me to do the same. #mumkinhai
Anjali Sirohi

hey aamir! our parents, now after watching ur show, allow us to play outside it means MUMKIN HAI
Vivek Singh

Every episode and story shared on satyamev jayate inspires n motivates me. Today's show motivated me to include sport in my daily routine and will inspire my kid to do the same. Thank you Amir khan!
Sakshi Sarin Kachroo

#MumkinHai Today's episode was so inspirational that i have decided to grow my self and my daughter as a sports person.
Tarun Soni

Hatts off to u amir and ur team for this extensive research...really worked hard and some of the sportsman we didnt know the names only...thanks for building my interest in sport once again....
Amita Parekh

It was a great show...being a Thalassemic girl I was never encouraged to play sports since I was told not to exert myself.. But now I have realized the importance of sports and at the age of 26 I have started giving importance to fitness.. I run and jog everyday.. Thanks for today's episode.. I am motivated to make myself fit..

Wao .. amazing . !! .. i am a science student n dis episode has made me realise dat indulging in fun sports wud give me innr happines n make me feel evn bbttr ..
Harnoor Kaur

Sir thank u for showing this show, bcoz aaj ye show dekhne k baad mere parents ne mujhay sports mai jane ki ijazat di hai jo ki isse pehle nhi mili thi or as a cricketer hu or maine drop kardiya tha but today I m happy.
Shaikh Hasnain

The episode has changed my views about sports and sportsmen. ..filled with greater respect for sports... congratulations to Aamir and his team!
Prapti Alok Chauhan

The veteran race inspired a lot.. Long time didn't play.. Life got so busy.. will buy badminton racquets today and play with my wife everyday.. Thanks to the team of Satyamev Jayate.. you inspire.. you initiate...!!
Ashutosh Verma

My bro want to become a cricketer. We never supported him up to the level. But after watching Aamir's and sachin's conversation. My mom decided to make him a cricketer. Thanks to aamir... #mumkin _hai......@satyamevjayate
Elhan Khan

After watching this show...I would like to join sport and say more people to support who want to play.....mumkin hai.....chak de india.......

I just loved today's episode. Though i'm not a sports person, but after watching I feel I should be playing and everyone should be playing atleast one sport.
Tasneem Taha

Aamir your show today really helped me to think clearly. My son is crazy for football and is in the school soccer team but not performing well academically. I was planing to stop his sports but after seeing your episode today I have changed my thought process and have encouraged him to continue playing. Thanks. Jai Hind

@satyamevjayate todays show aamir sir is too good I have to say m so inspired from this show nd I would lyk to again start the play game.
Arpit Porwal

hello sir Aj ka appka episode amazing tha,I am a tuition teacher, chhattisgarh k Ek chhote se village me approx 30-40 students ko padhati hu.,Aj appka episode dekhne k baad maine 1 decision liya hai ki Aj se every Sunday main appne students ko sports khelane k Liye play ground le jaungi ..jisase unke personality development ho aur aatmvishwaas badhe.., I am zero in sports ,I know. I never played any sport in my entire life but today after watching your show Yes I can change. MUMKIN HAI.
Karishma Chhabra

Hi Aamir, the show was great. You have inspired the young generation. Now we will encourage our children to play sports and stay healthy and fit. #mumkin hai
Jyoti Thakur

me footbaal player tha par khelna kaafi time pehle khelna chor diya tha,.,.ab aap ka ye show dekh ke mene apne aap se wada kiya he ki phir se football khelna chalu karuga or roz jaldi uthuga.,..,,.thank u so much aamir sir
Sohail Khan

Thanks for showing us such a great episode ... i will definetly b a part of games n sports from now onwards.. not only dis .. i l encourage my family members too to do so.

I never thought that sports have such a main role in our life but when I have seen that old ladies in today's episode...... my thinking have changed now that how sports can fit our body and I m proud of them......
Renu Sharma

I a working in an MNC and I am so inspired after watching the show that I would like to take time in the weekends to go to the sports complex and play

I myself, being more interested in studies, never took sports seriously.... I like playing Badminton but didn't give it much importance. But this episode has changed my perspective towards sports...
Pooja Jethwani

Today's episode was an inspiration to all sports lovers n the principal of a school I feel students shd be allowed to choose the sport they luv rt from an early age as every child has his capabilities n only studies will never help a child who is oriented towards sports.kya yeah mumkin hai ki school ka curriculum hi change ho?
Meenakshi Kadam

Hello aamir sir aapka aaj ka show dekh kar mujhe bahout achcha lga. Aur maine aaj soch liya hai ki mai apne baby ko school se he sport main dhal dungi.
Arti Sharma

sir this eposide inspired me about sports.i have two daughter now i will also inspire them to be sports person.
Santosh Kumar

The show was very motivating. I have got motivated enough to have one sport as a friend in my life..



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