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Accepting the LGBT community

Many of you wrote to us about how you understand and empathize with the LGBT community better in response to our episode, Accepting Alternative Sexualities, about LGBT rights in India. Some of you found the courage or comfort to talk to your family members about your sexuality. We thank you deeply for writing to us.

Find below some of the messages that we received online.

Respect for @aamir_khan for being one of the minuscule film personality to bring up #FreedomForLGBT in a serious constructive manner. For standing up for #HumanRights in the manner it should be. With dialogue and not mockery. #MorePower
Onir, Film director

Families are meant to love & protect. Not judge,shame & punish or even worse IGNORE the obvious. #India show your heart!!! #FreedomForLGBT
Sona Mohapatra, Singer

Need your support-pl let's get rid of Article 377 To end discrimination & violence against the LGBT community. #MumkinHai #FreedomForLGBT
Aditi Rao Hydari, Actor

Learnt so much from today's satyamev jayate. Eye opening facts and real life stories!! #FreedomForLGBT
Heena Sidhu, Olympic pistol shooter

Please give missed call on toll free 18008334003. This is for changing Article 377. It is initiated by Satyamev Jayate pl retweet. :)
Pooja Bedi, Actor

I am conservative, but this episode have changed my thought process, my support to LGBT- My Mother #FreedomforLGBT @satyamevjayate

after watching today's episode, I wnt to help these ppl to lead a respected life by offering them jobs in my company.

@satyamevjayate Today's episode was indeed the best. A stand for a human like us. Amir khan hats off. Now no more scared of eunuch!

I always had doubt whether homosexuality was normal or not. Today @satyamevjayate @aamir_khan boldly cleared doubts of many like me!

If my children will be lesibian or gay..i will supprt them..Bcoz i hv no r8 to snatch others right.

thnx to satyamev jayate n amir khan for mking us realise dat lesbians n gays r humans nt a curse Salute!!

#FreedomForLGBT I take an OATH that I do respect for all transgender ppl for humanity and If I come across anyone, alone I'll support them

amir sir i salute u for this topic about sex change now i have lot respect about gay and lesbian @satyamevjayate

Muje bi aise logo se kabi dekh ke dar sa lagta tha par ab satyamev jayate me aaj ka apisod dekh ke mera thinking change huaa he

What an outstanding episode. Respectfully anchored. Inspiring. Sitting speechless and teary eyed. Thanks much #aamirkhan

Thanks Aamir. I just broke a relationship with 2 of my friends, I am going to call them now for renewed relation. #FreedomForLGBT

Being a gay I was thinking of suiciding.....But when I saw this much love on national t.v. from straight world I dropped my idea and decided to live and serve the country.

Hello Aamir ji, I was never against the LBGT but i would say never accepted it as well. I live in Scotland where if you are out everyone greet to each other whether they know u or not. I do that too. But i always ignored if any gay or lesbian pass over. i just pass over never say anything to them . Which today i felt i am their culprit. I will never do this again. I will confidently accept them from now.

As a gay person, I have always lived life in darkness trying to hide myself and protect every inch of my identity from this alpha heterosexual society. But something unusual happened on 19th October. I like Satyamev Jayate a lot and was eagerly waiting for the episode. Imagine my surprise when I realized the show is discussing the very sensitive subject of alternative sexuality! Kudos to Amir Khan and all those members and supporters of the LGBT community who participated in the show, and tried to generate some awareness. This episode taught me to love myself and gave me the strength to come out and fight for my rights.
Devashish Sharma

It was a great successful show. Though I am doctor I was not aware about natural sexual behavioral pattern of LGBT people. I even thought it as psychological problem and never discussed it with my psychiatrist colleague without any reason. This show will help Indian society as whole to lift themselves up to next level of understanding.
Jignesh Goswami

Jab me in homo gay insob ko dakti to main hasti thi,hamari dost bhi majak urate hain,aj ye show dakne ki bad mujhe sarmindigi mahesus ho rahi hai.i'm sry 4 that,or me promise karti hu ki aj k bad ye bilkul bhi nehi karungi.unse bate karungi dosti karungi.aur meri har ak friends ko bhi ye kahungi.
Moumita Sarkar

Untill today i was against dis lgbt community but after watchin d show i realisd d truth about these.
Narendra Singh Rathore

I came out to my family in 2012 and I've also written a few articles on LGBT issues and worked on advocacy efforts. My parents would not react to my articles and there was a distance between us all these years. Last Sunday at 1 pm, my mother called me and said "I am sorry and I miss you." I think this show helped bridge the distance between us immensely. My mom will now have a reference point - something as big as the Satyamev Jayate show - when others ask her about me or she learns more about my work and my writings.

Aamir sir apne ye topic dikhya jisse aj meri soch badli hai pehle main hijro se darti thi pr aj se mai unki respact krugi .apko mai thanx kehna chati .ki aap samaz ki soch badal rahe hai.
Deeksha Porwal

I came out to my mother years ago as a gay man and ever since I could see in her eyes that she is worried about me. Whenever we talk about this topic, she would become uncomfortable and hence I didn't try to bring this subject for discussion. But yesterday I told her about what Satyamev Jayate talked about, she said she had also watched it. And I could see no worry in her eyes for the first time. May be she has now understood there is nothing to be worried about I being gay. And this all became possible, only because of you guys! No matter how many times I thank you, it won't be enough! :-)

My mother used to think that upbringing and sanskaar determine whether someone becomes gay. But after I told her that I'm just like a few of the guests on the show, she didn't react much and said 'It's okay. Jisko jisase pyaar hai usko ussi ke saath rehna chahiye. Parents ko zabardasti nahin karni chahiye.' I knew that my mother will be accepting of me being a lesbian because she loves me overall, but I couldn't get myself to come out to her earlier. After we watched the show, I thought yeh time sahi hai and I told her. Thank you, Satyamev Jayate!

My mother who stays at Virar, Mumbai watched the repeat telecast of the episode. I had come out to her six months ago but she was not accepting me. Even though there is not much change in her attitude, my bua, uncle, cousin have become far more comfortable with my sexuality. My uncle has even offered to come and volunteer with Humsafar Trust.

I came out to my 70-year-old parents living in Pune in 2013. It was difficult for them to assimilate all the facts and since I work in Hyderabad, I too had been trying to explain to them over a period of time with some difficulty. After watching the show, mom thinks that my being gay is not an abnormality.

Now its almost morning 5.30am could not able to sleep.I just wanna cry shout out so loudly top of my voice n cry just wann cry cry. Yesterday after dinner my mom called me and started crying like a baby n was just asking me to forgive her. she saw Satyamev Jayate n there she realised that she should have taken stand for me. She told me beta ' i dnt know about other or yur father but i m with u till my last breathe '. A few of the guests who came on the show were n still my life saviour n changer in our life. Lots of love n respect.
Sanjana (name changed)

I am an Indian settled in UAE for a livelihood. I call myself educated and modern, but watching the recent episode of SMJ has really made a difference to the way I perceive myself now. I had a very different outlook towards people calling themselves homosexuals and never thought it could be something natural and God made. I still don't know if that notion of mine has changed. But, after listening to the guests who came on your show, my heart goes out to them. I still have tears in my eyes thinking about what they must have gone through as a child, as an adult or rather say a human being. Would like to thank you for making me understand that it is not a choice that they make after watching someone else or some English is a battle that they are fighting since the time they realize their gender.

I really like your today's episode subject...b/c I am a Guy and I like guys no doubt, but I do feel kind of (not shame) but it might be wrong just b/c what is expected from me in our society, though I am over it now and this episode of SMJ is giving me MORE strength and clear view of myself and what I should do or how I should live. Even though you don't know me & I never met you, I feel like you are one my best friends and truly LOVE you as a person, friend, and all. ;) THANK YOU SO MUCH from the bottom of my heart to bring out so many great issues and changing INDIA slowly, but SURELY.

I am an Indian law professor based in Singapore. I also happen to be gay. I greatly enjoyed your program today, not least because of the way in which you involved family members of gay people. Very often, people, I think, simply assume that LGBT do not enjoy the support of their family members. And I think to see parents, grandparents, neighbours and relatives offer support and comfort must have been reassuring to a lot of your audience. I, for one, was lucky to grow up in a family that greatly supported me; my parents have been pillars of strength for me, and my professional career wouldn’t have been possible but for their support. If you were to ever return to this topic, I am sure my parents would be more than happy to acknowledge their support for LGBT rights in India on your program.

Todays program on homosexualti is very effective for me because i am a gay and i lost my all hope,but after see youre program i get a new hope of life. Thanx for supporting homosexual people. Plz continue your program.

it is very heartening to see ur show... i wanna thank u for wonderful intiative especially because for the first time my mother tried to understand this and ....for first time she openly discussed the matter.....m very happy ....Loads of thanks to satyamev jayate team!

Dear SMJ team and Mr Khan,
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the episode on Accepting Alternate Sexualities that was aired yesterday. I cannot tell you how much it means to all of us that SMJ and you, Mr Khan, given your reach into the collective imagination of the masses, highlighted carefully selected stories from the LGBT community. I note, with satisfaction, that your team selected success stories for members of the community, besides bringing out our struggles. This sends a positive message to the masses about who we are and where we are placed in life.
Thank you once again and God bless!

hattss off aamir ....thanks for spreading awareness regarding LGBT community....phele mujhe lagta tha ki it is not natural but now ,i know ,, it is completely normal to be a gay or lesbian or trans gender.........thanks for making us aware..........

this episode of satyamev jayate changed my attitude towards homosexual people now i respect them they are one of us only i can feel their pain their sufferings and i think homosexual should be legalised in india thank you so much satyamev jayate to change my thought
Jigisha Sai

Thank you aamir ji for taking up the episode of transgenders.I want to see a day when a transgender is my colleague and not a person who beg for alms
Kunareddy Sowjanya

Aamir thanks for the wonderful episode! my perception about gays have changed right from this moment! Now I will respect them as I would like to be respected! You inspire us a lot! Thanks a million..
Anita Singh

This show was great , before watching this show even I thought that gay or lesbian are by choice and they should not have this ridiculous choice but now I came to know its natural so we should accept them as other people and respect them
Aman Mann

Very nice Show..Really made us think that why the people who look like us and are one of us can't get the same treatment as we do.The law as well as the community and society have to make this change.Thanks to the team of Satyamev jayate....for bringing such topics which are needed to be focused on.
Aajra Shaikh

Very nice and bold episode... In starting my father say don't watch it bcoz it is quite bold bt then I told him that this topic is very important and don't make it tabboo... So plz watch it bcoz many people are facing many problems bcoz of this thing.... So we have to change our attitude toward it...then he watch this episode with me.... Thanx for this wonderful episode... :)

Aamir sir thanks for showing this episode...this show has change my point of view for thinking about this topic...and i will try to change others point of view... hands of to u aamir sir... we will change this section 377...mumkin hai...

So proud of today's Satyamev Jayate's show! Inspiring stories told by some of the bravest people. Being #LGBT is not a crime. #FreedomForLGBT
Mukut Ray

Aamir sir, great job coz now my family is ready to accept my bro. he is homosexual but now i proud of him. thnx alot. #FreedomForLGBT

Amir Khan, I have spent my entire adult life trying to change the situation of LGBT in India. At the age of 42, I have been at it as an activist for almost 20 years. And I have seen or been involved with at close quarters, almost every major development that has taken place on this long and difficult battle for claiming our rights. I can say with confidence, your program will be a turning point in our history. Thank you! Thank you so much!
Aditya Bondyopadhyay



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