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Sharing some of the responses and stories of change on the issues we addressed in Season 3



Citizens take pledges to improve road safety

Many of you wrote to us about accidents that you have witnessed, shared detailed suggestions related to road safety, and more importantly, pledged to change your own attitude and behaviour in response to our episode, Road Accidents Or Murders?. We thank you deeply for doing so.

Find below some of the messages that we received online.

Thank Aamir Khan and entire team @satyamevjayate for raising awareness about road safety. Request everyone to send in your suggestions on the new Road Transport & Safety Bill 2014. #RoadsOKPlease
Nitin Gadkari, Road Transport Minister

#RoadsOKPlease another outstanding cause of road safety. Thank u Star Plus and @aamir_khan. Need a campaign to take wine shops off d highways
Kiran Bedi, Former IPS officer

Imp issue of #RoadSafety raised by @aamir_khan on @satyamevjayate. Log on to to improve #roadsafety #MumkinHai
Anand Mahindra, Chairman, Mahindra Group

#mumkin hai i am 15 years old and i drive bike but from 2day i vl stop it Bring change in yourself u will see world changing #satyamev jayate

I wanted a vehicle bt i am still under 18 nw i dont need it aftr watching satyamev jayate. Thnku aamir #mumkin hai.. Plz dnt drink nd drive

#RoadsOKPlease after watching todays episode i m going out to finally buy a helmat… Thnks satyamev jayate...

I pledge to re appear for Driving License training again. I apolozise for having License without Training. @satyamevjayate #RoadOKPlease !!!

asar ! I used to drove my car without licence....but after satyamev jayate I won't drive my car till I didn't get licence.

Feeling grateful to @satyamevjayate as my husband just pledged to not to use mobile while driving.Thanx @aamir_khan and team #RoadsOKPlease

#RoadsOKPlease I took proper driving classes but i drive with full volume music nw i feel i should not ..I take dis pledge nt to drive so..

Due to your show today i understand value of rules and from now i will never do anything wrong...thanks sir

I am a student of class X and didn't took wearing helmets seriously but from today onwards I will. #MyPledge

I am 20 year old. I ride very rush bike but watching today's episode l will ride very safety and proper speed thanks aamir

#RoadsOKPlease i Yusuf aziz pledge help the people who really need any help on road accident n also aware these all thing to frnd also..

@satyamevjayate Going to buy new Helmet today... Thanks to Satyameva Jayate Team :)

#RoadsOKPlease with amir, I also pledge that I will help people with road accident, rather than circulating accident photos on WhatsApp..

I recently turned 18 and I pledge that I will not take my driver's licence without proper training @satyamevjayate #mumkinhai if we do it

I am a teenager of our country and I promise that Ishall follow driving rules of our country.

#MumkinHai I pledge not to jump any traffic signal from now... Evn if there is nt much traffic on the road.. I wont break the rules

I was shame full for mixed drink n drive. But now onwords I sure will never do this again.

#RoadsOKPlease Amir, this episode made me to promise myself not to rush drive ever again.

Till now i used to ride bike widout helmet bt nw I m watchin #mumkin hai and i m sure,will use helmet.thanx to #aamir khan #RoadsOKPlease

I used to drive very cast and rude. But from now onwards i will drive carefully with obeying all traffic rules. Safety 1st. @satyamevjayate

@RoadsOKPlease.... Aaj se ,Main vaada karta hun ,road accident main injured logon ko hat mumkin help karunga #MumkinHai

#RoadsOKPlease This shw is eye opener. I hv to admit tht I hv broken lots of traffic rules in my lyf. Bt I promise nt 2 do it agn #MumkinHai

I always ride my bike very fast but today i promise to all of u that i never do this same mistake... thanku @satyamevjayate

I drive a two-wheeler,didnt wore a halmet till date, i am buying a halmet today itself for myself @satyamevjayate #MumkinHai #RoadsOKPlease

I dont wear helmet while driving I realise the importance I pledge that I will adhere traffic all rules
Manu Panicker

On the eve of 9th July 2009 , I lost my DAD. I lost him to a really huge truck. How? Well, the driver was asleep and had no license. Who is to blame? I never put this question up, because to me, I , couldn't bear the loss. Nor my family. But today , Aamir Khan momentarily helped me clarify this. I really thank him for taking up this issue. Without today's episode , I wouldn't have the courage to speak up about this because I never speak about it personally or otherwise. It's the most incomplete, hollow , un-describable feeling to LOSE someone. So the next time you see someone in pain on the road, get out and help them and help your people!

I run a small transportation/roadway/bridge engineering design firm in USA. I am born in Delhi, studied in IIT Bombay and University of Sydney, Australia. I just watched today's Satyamev Jayate here in USA. I am very impressed by some of the guests' comments and forced to think that I should also connect with this good cause. I will be able to bring some technical knowledge from developed countries such as USA and Australia since I am directly involved with these kind of projects. Please let me know if I could be of any assistance. Thanks,
Vijay Gupta

Sir Appreciate today's episode .I am Head of Outbound Logistics with a reputed Automobile company .We are taking cause of Driver welfare .Drivers are most neglected in India .No one sees them with respect .There are no rest rooms ,no proper fooding ,no medical facilities on our highways .My request is to take ahead this cause of giving respect to this community and provide basic facilities to drivers.
Naresh Goyat

Aamir aaj Se drinking and driving bandh. ..highly inspired by the parents and wife had been telling me since last 7 years but I have decided today after seeing the consequences. ..thanks aamir
Gaurav Duggal

I have to say, today's episode on road safety affected me very strongly. I commend all the efforts that go towards this much-needed change. This Odyssey is as heart-breaking as it is gigantic. It heartens me that so many are involved in it.
Shefali Choksi

Hats off to the whole team.. I saw changes in myself and towards the society.. I can yell at others only when I am correct.. I will make sure that I will follow and ask my nearby citizens to follow traffic rules.. Satyamev jayate..!! Jai hind..!!
Saurjit Paul

Being a user of footpath, I find that the transport system and the vehicle drivers pay least respect to the hapless pedestrians. So far I had kept my anguish in the back burner and kept a low profile, however after watching today's episode, I find it valuable to pledge to create awareness among the citizen, the need for not to use the vehicle unless it is absolutely necessary and assert the pedestrians' right.
Lakshmikantha HN

Aamir you r fantabolus i also drive vry rashly bt from now on i'll follow every traffic rule ;-)

Thank you, Aamir sir and satyamev jayate team for this amazing show that makes me want to be a better person. So amazing to see so many people accepting their mistakes and deciding to become responsible citizens on the road.
Rekha Vg

My dad was dropping me to school in the car, a morning, about 4 years back. There were two children lying on the road who met with an accident and got badly injured. Their father was dropping them to school, he wore a helmet so was fine. He was riding a two-wheeler. My dad n I took the children to the hospital. After watching today's episode I was shocked knowing that even I could meet with an accident as I wasn't wearing seatbelt. I will definitely wear a seatbelt from now.
Aishwarya Singh

#MumkinHai #RoadsOKPlease i pledge that i will wear helmet..and encourage my surroundings to wear helmet thanks to aamir khan sir

Today I seen the program related to Road accidents. Actually I was riding two wheeler without helmet. Today itself I purchased 2 helmets. .
Nataraja BK

Feeling ashamed for having a bar in my car! No more now! Thanks @satyamevjayate @aamir_khan for the wake up call!
Gurtej Batra

my 8yr old daughter watch this serial n tells us if me dont follow something or not fulfilling our duties towards nation properly. I think speed breakers also plays a major role in road accidents. 8 accidents happened in my life due to that. Some r really bad. Tkx a lot for making this show.

#RoadsOKplease I pledge that I wil not skip traffic signals nd help evry person who s injured due to accident @SatyamevJayate #mumkinhai

I have lost my dad in road accident and also i am a survivor of road accident. There was a tree on the road. It was foggy and was not visible. I don't know whom should i blame, government or forest department or road safety department. I watched it and really liked it. I really felt that it's not only me but many people are feeling the same pain. I have decided that i will be taking a test and get a licence :-) Jab hum khud apni or apne aas pass walo ki life ki importance samajh jaenge us din se accidents apne app band ho jaenge. People should feel sensitive over these matters.
Vaishali Bhateja

Hi , I am transporter frm jalandhar punjab i seen ur last episode & totally impressed but as transporter i am facing my problems on road and major problem is drivers because most of driver drink or take drugs while driving and cause accidents on roads after that only truck owner suffers because govt rules fines owner not driver.

frankly main helmet bahot kam pehenti hun. but after seeing this show i have already spread the word in all my group of friends and we will see to it that we wear the helmet everyday now. Hum kabhi kabhi headphones pe gaane bhi sunte hai, lekin aj se maine ye tay kiya hai ki main abhi headphones pe gaane na sunu.
Prachee Pendharkar

I work for Roads & Maritime Services (previously Roads & Traffic Authority) for more than 15 years. I have gained very good understanding of HV operations and its compliance across NSW road networks. As a part of my duty, I provide range of 'Business Intelligence' on targeting non-compliant vehicles/operators on the road by performing analytics, statistical techniques and developing algorithms. It would be my pleasure working with you guys on range of issues. I am happy to provide my suggestions, statistics or any models/techniques we use in order to improve 'Road Safety' awareness within India.
Bhavin Patel

Aamir, great eye opening episode and I want to say a BIG thank you through your medium to someone who saved my life and my family's life on a very fatal road accident on the Delhi Jaipur highway in July 1999. We owe it to this gentleman who we dont even know the name of. Our car was in a ditch 14 feet down off the road, due to a tire burst. My left leg was in the front engine of the car, my left collar bone and arm was broken, my sister had fallen off the car, the car fell on her and the hot car silencer fell on her, burnt her abdomen area, her skull opened like a peeled banana and my mom and uncle were unconscious. He carried us out of the car, rode us to Delhi in that ailing , blood struck state, brought us to Moolchand hospital. We owe it to him and I am requesting you to read this e mail publicly so that people know that goodness still exists, there are still people who go out of their way to help others and if this person is watching the show;

Thanks Aamir.. I was behind my husbad to wear helmet. But he didnt do that... Today, after watching your show, he bought two helmets, one for him and one for me..
Chitra Dhage

after watching this episode i'm going help everyone who needed as some times i ignore it …. but now i m not going to do anything like this and ask my family to do same.
Nili Mishra

Your show has inspired me and many others, I assire ypu the I will alwaus follow traffic rules and help people in need
Himanshi Chahar

Sir ur Show was Really Awsome...& Today I Take a Pledge that I will wear helmate while driving bike & wear seat belt while driving car #Mumkin Hai.
Hemant Chaudhary

Aamir sir, thank you for the show on road accidents. I could bring a change in my friends who used to drive rash but stopped after seeing the show.
Mahesh Kumar



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