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Many non-governmental organizations work with a paucity of funds and a lack of proper infrastructure. But their battles against social injustice refuse to die down. If you wish to join their fight, you can contribute in more ways than one.


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SaveLIFE Foundation

SaveLIFE Foundation focuses on improving road safety and emergency medical care across India. Through its initiatives, thousands of injured road accident victims have been aided and a national road safety law is expected to be introduced in the 2014 Winter Session of the Parliament. Here is how you can be part of their initiatives.

  • Report a truck carrying protruding rods on SaveLIFE Foundation’s website or Facebook page or via WhatsApp. Know more here.
  • Volunteer with the NGO to train police officers and community persons in first aid and to create awareness on road safety. To do so, click here.
  • Report to the NGO if a hospital or police officer refuses to help an accident victim or harasses a person helping the victim. To do so, mail the details to . You can share past stories of harassment too.
  • Sign the NGO’s petition to the Health Minister to introduce a Good Samaritan Law. Know more here.
  • Mail your recommendations for a new road safety law to the NGO. Know more here.
  • Watch a basic trauma care training video created by the NGO. Know more here.
  • Carry an ‘In Case of Emergency’ (ICE) Card with you at all times. Click here to generate one.
  • Share road safety tips. Know more here.
  • Share and add to the list of organizations and schemes that help road accident victims with hospital treatment. Know more here.
  • Share and add to the list of centres which provide rehabilitation facilities to road accident victims. Know more here.
  • Share the NGO’s guide for road accident victims to claim compensation from the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal. Know more here.
  • Share the directory of emergency helpline numbers across India. Know more here.
  • Share resources and statistics on road safety.

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+91 9540824494 / +91 11 41091911

Office Address

A-223, Ansal Chamber 1, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi - 110 066

About the NGO

SaveLIFE Foundation

SaveLIFE Foundation

India suffers the highest number of road accident deaths in the world with an average of 15 deaths recorded every hour. In the past decade, over 12 lakh people have been killed in road accidents in India and over 50 lakh have been left seriously injured or permanently disabled. An alarming number of families have fallen into poverty after losing their primary breadwinners to such accidents, also causing a 3% GDP loss in India each year.

SaveLIFE Foundation is an organization that addresses this epidemic. It was founded in 2008 by Piyush Tewari, after the death of his young cousin in a road accident. It is committed to improving road safety and emergency medical care across India. The NGO has secured a ban on trucks from carrying protruding rods, an order that is expected to save 10,000 lives per year. Moreover, in the past two years, over 1,50,000 lives have been saved by 7,500 police personnel and hundreds of citizen volunteers in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra trained by the NGO.

SaveLIFE Foundation has also successfully advocated for a comprehensive national road safety law, expected to be introduced in the 2014 Winter Session of the Parliament.

Awards and Recognition

NGO of the Year Award presented by The Rockefeller Foundation and others 2014

Member of the Clinton Global Initiative 2014

Ashoka Fellowship 2013

Echoing Green Fellowship 2012

Rolex Award for Enterprise 2010

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