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"The police have been the backbone of our judicial system."

"The plight of constables, who have been a convenient bashing board for all and sundry, as shown on the episode, suggests a grave error of judgment on our part as a society. We earnestly regret that we too shared these beliefs. As a token of our sincerity, we offer Surdhenu Products to all our brothers and sisters in the force at a discounted price of 30% throughout their life span. We believe that it is our responsibility to offer unconditional support to those who have been the backbone of our judicial system since Independence."

"We felt our fear of police melt away."

"After seeing the episode my wife Rekha and I went to the local police station and spoke to them about the conditions they work under. We told them that we had come to extend a hand of friendship and that we would like to see the police as a friendly force. We gave them a card expressing our thanks, a box of sweets, a calendar with an inspiring message for each day of the month and took their dates of birth so we can wish them on their birthdays. We had a good time and slowly feel our fear of the police melt away. Thank you for such a lovely show which has helped changed our attitude."

"I was shocked to learn about the percentage of constables."
– Ramya

"The episode was an eye-opener for me. I was really shocked to learn about the percentage of constables in our police force. I think that making one portal of entry into the force is a great necessity. The government should look into bringing in real Democracy. Thank you for the show."

"I fully support police reforms."
– Dr Tina Singh

"I now realize that the policemen I have always regarded with fear, distrust and some loathing, is as much a victim of the system as all of us are. I fully support police reforms."

"If the police could dream, they would give us a dream world."
– Meghana

"Once again you showed us the true face of reality. Most of us thought that the police are bad and corrupt. Not in my wildest imagination did I think that they are in pain too. It makes complete sense—only a human in pain will inflict pain. If the police were happy and had the power and could dream, they too would give us a dream world. But since their dreams are shattered, they can't give us anything."

"We really have to respect the police."
–  Damayanti

"This episode has really changed our view towards the police force. We really have to respect the police department. I believe that to enter the force there should be a common entry into the force like there is in England. This will help higher authorities to understand the pain of a constable."



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Pouring out their hearts

Pouring out their hearts

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