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Pouring out their hearts

"Your program served as an eye opener."
– Sankar Sen, IPS

"I feel your program served as an eye opener and has helped the public understand the difficulties of the police force better. We, police officers all over the country, thank you profusely for your well-thought out initiative. We hope that this kind of public exposure will force politicians to bring in police reforms which they really do not want."

"Your episode has encouraged and inspired me."
– Arjita Yadav, daughter of a policeman

"I have firsthand experience of the problems that policemen face in our country. They have no time for their families, or for themselves. I am doing my PhD on human chronobiology and I have chosen the police force as one of my subjects. Because of the hours they keep, their health is compromised - physically and mentally. Their body clocks are abruptly disturbed due to which they suffer many health problems. Your episode has encouraged and inspired me to proceed with my study."

"My father has two years of service left and has got just one promotion in all these years of duty."
– Akash Pandey

"My grandfather joined the Madhya Pradesh police force as a constable, and retired as a sub-inspector. My father has two years of service left and has got just one promotion in all these years of duty. Be it festivals or moments of crisis, I have faced every situation in my life without my father being present. I have seen him going for duty during heavy rains, or even when my mother was undergoing an operation. When I decided to take sub-inspector's exams, he was sad and afraid because I had made a decision to enter his world. When I saw that, I killed my dreams of joining the force".

"A change is required."
– Swati Khandur, wife of a policeman

"My husband is a very hardworking cop. I am always worried about his health and his 24x7 working hours. He comes home late and gets back to work early next morning. He doesn't get a day off.  The children miss him. A change is required"

"I am proud to be his daughter."
– Neha, daughter of a policeman

"Be it a vacation or a public holiday, we would celebrate it without my father. The stress of working long hours took a toll on him; today he is bedridden with partial paralysis. But I learned from him that duty comes first. Now I want him to live and to know that I am proud to be his daughter."

"Now I realize how and why he hated his job."
– Vikas Kumar, son of a policeman

"My dad is in the police. So was my grandfather. As a child I would wear their uniform while playing and this would anger my father a lot. Now I realize how and why he hated his job. After election duty in remote areas in Bihar, he would come home at the end of the day and ask my mother to give him food immediately because through the day he would not get time to eat. I have many such experiences. When I saw your show I remembered all those times when my father would tell me to come to the chowki and witness his working conditions. The show was a gift to me because my father would always say that the media never focuses on the hardships the police face, only the lapses. I will download a copy of the episode and show it to him when I go home."

"My father works 24x7 but his salary is not much."
– Missimi 11, daughter of a policeman

"My dad who is a sub-inspector in the Assam Police is hardly home. He had an operation some days ago, but had to resume work soon after. He works 24x7 but his salary is not much and he has no time for us. I am 11 years old and I have an elder sister who is 19."



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