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Sharing some of the responses and stories of change on the issues we addressed in Season 3



Moving towards gender equity

Many viewers shared moving stories with us in response to our episode, When Masculinity Harms Men, about masculinity and gender-related issues. We thank you deeply for doing so.

Find below some of the messages that we received online.

From Paris just finished watching @satyamevjayate #ARealMan Congrats #Amirkhan for hitting all the right notes! Change will come! #India
Ambassador of India to UNESCO, Paris

The core group who ragged me incessantly in that disgusting manner went on to MBA's & entries into MNC's. Many #ARealMan in our workplaces.
Sona Mohapatra, Singer

aaj jaana kya hai areal man.. Bahut Si galti Jo hui hai usse dubara repeat na karu.. Yeh promise krta Hu khud se... Jai hind

maine bhi aaj tak bahut sari galtiya ki hai ....aaj yeh show dekhne k baad main isko kabhi repeat nahi karunga

Another beautiful and truly inspiring episode of #SatyamevJayate! Never before has this topic been touched with such sensibility & openness.

Sochne par majboor kar diyaa.. Every episode is soul touching .. @aamir_khan hats of to u #SatyamevJayate #MumkinHai ..

@satyamevjayate Such an inspiring episode. What an end! Time to realize the power of love #Mumkinhai

What a spectacular show, so heartbreaking and such an eye-opener. @satyamevjayate #ARealMan

Aamirji, the pain of the many people that your team includes and whose lives you touch, is the painful reflection of how far we have drifted from our own humanity and connectedness. Thank you so much for doing God's work to bring awareness of it's impact on ourselves and showing a way back .
Shalu Thaman

@satyamevjayate thank you very much for choosing this topic it was really needed for all schools or colleges..
Aditya Das

I support you and i promise that i shalln't call any girl/woman in this type of word and even i shalln't see this type of film/song/tv shows etc. This show can hit my heart.
Rabin Mondal

Sir, I like your show very much. In my town, after watching your show, 40 percent more people respect women.
Thank you sir, for inspiring us

Watched your show on Mardangi - wanted to add that the movies, serials and all other medium of communication show slapping as a least righteous punishment. This feeling is gross and I feel disgusted about incidents where I have used my hand.
Manish Sharma

Hi Aamir Sir
My name is Richa. I live in Adelaide Australia. I got separated from my husband around 2.5 years ago. My husband was very violent to me. Beating me, abusing me was his everyday job. At last when I couldn't tolerate and thinking of my two little kids, I called police and he got arrested. Today I am working as an Enrolled Nurse and leading a very happy life with my children. I want to thank you because I use to see Satyamev Jayte and got inspired from you and other girls who came to your show. Today because of you I came out of that hell and living a beautiful life. Sir you are doing a wonderful job. May God bless you.

Parents can definitely make a change in the life of students if they can be trained on such sensitive issues it will be great. But since this is difficult and would need a lot of time and planning, training students as part of their school curriculum will be much easier and doable. I have earlier worked as a content designer and trainer and can help and support if required.

Hello aamir sir. Sincere thanks to u for such a wonderful and inspiring show. Just saw ur male dominating episode. U really answered many of my questions. M a girl of 23 years , unmarried. M scared to get married bcz of domestic violence and dowry cases in our country. Though m a very brave girl but its difficult for girls to survive in a country wid such men. Specially when u r staying under same roof. But girls r not able to raise their voice may b bcz they r still not aware of the laws made for women protection in our country. I wud request u to please publish such book of laws and sm agencies which we can use in problems. I am a teacher and I wud love to teach that book in my school.

Hello aamir sir..
Aapka aaj ka episode sach mein mardo vala tha. sb kuchh nahi kuchh to badal raha hai. Aapki vajah se mujhe meri life mili hai. Aaj khud par visvas badh gaya hai. Aapke kaaran life ki sab se badi hakikat pata chali. Mero ko meri life dikhane ke liye sukriya.

Dear Aamir Sir,
I am currently living in Austria, Vienna with my parents, studying in the 12th standard. As a girl, I have personally been harassed a lot in the streets of Kathmandu, and when I think about it, it is the typical harassments that can be found in many bollywood movies (e.g. whistling when going down the streets, name calling, etc.) You are my ideal and I hope some day I will be able to make a change in my home country, just like you have made in yours.

I had been so eagerly waiting to watch this episode on #RealMan that I skipped all of my classes and delayed my daily routine. We have always been in favour of gifting books, Watches, Pen Drives, Shoes, Shirts, dresses etc. This year I request Satyamev Jayate to manufacture CD's on each episode broadcasted on the television so that we could gift our mates something that they could value as well as cultivate on. And also that we( be it with friends or with family) could watch them and let the inhumanity to die within us. If Movies have inspired us, Satyamev Jayate has shaped us.

While checking on my marriage proposals it is scary to choose a man. Which is why now I want to be single. However difficult it is I will make sure I will live a life worthwhile to grow old wise and gracefully. Thanks for taking this issue. Hope Men change their attitude a bit.

I am 20 year old, now studying journalism and mass communication in Noida. I left my engineering college just because of ragging and harshness of entire college by director, by warden, by seniors by everyone.
Sanjay (name changed)

Inspite of all the rules and regulations against ragging it is still full on still in and off the campuses and even in the workplaces. The ragging practises are also disgusting and they leave a hateful imprint in our memories life long. The hostel life have become very very insecure and fearful only because of this for both students and family. So please sir, I request you take this ragging cancer into account very seriously and initiate or promote or help to take up solution for this through your program and utilising your influence for public welfare.

Your show has given women the knowledge and confidence to take a stand in society and show their priceless value. In one of your episodes you discussed about how many longs hours a mother/wife works looking after her household/children compared to a man who works from 9am-5pm. This was such an impressive finding because even in today's society where there are many intellectual people the energy, dedication and commitment of a mother/wife for her family often goes unnoticed. The topics discussed in the show have really opened my eyes.
Rahat, Great Britain

Hi Mr. Aamir Khan,
I want to say thank you for your show. I live in USA and have two girls. We are very happy and trying to teach our daughters our culture but it is really hard to show them anything on television. They don't show any respect for women on television or films. Every single serial or movie is a triangle or treating women like an object by their In Laws. How do we teach our kids to respect when they don't show respect for girls?

I am a 38 year old woman and I have three sisters and one brother. We were so blessed to have been loved and showered with love and affection from our parents and to value ourselves. I did not know gender differences until I was older, although the media was probably working on my subconscious even at a young age. These days it's gotten worse in the media and it's so refreshing to see your show today and to hear the voices of men and women standing up for these issues.

When i teach my child good thing like not to hit any body, say thank you say sorry, and all other things gradually, I am afraid that if only i teach him all this and in school or outside world when he is facing, if he is surrounded by kids who are opposite to what i have taught him how will he face it and react with it, or what should i be doing at that moment. Yes I am day and night worried about it. Everybody out are not wrong or bad, but yes there are 'some', and the number of these kind of 'some' are increasing. What to do ? How to Control ? This all things is just not getting out of my mind and I saw your today's episode and I could not control my self from writing it to you.

Hello Aamir sir, today u put a mirror infront of us wht real India is & wht is our mentality.Even der r certain change in my thinking also. So first I'll change my self & den try my best to change my community n friends. Aamir sir dis show must go on.
Drashti Soni

The show is really an inspiration to all the young generation.No body is born as criminal it is the society and the people who lives in it makes he/she that.India and its citizens are PROUD of you Aamir sir. THANKS A LOT for making such an inspirational show.
Juhi Srivastava

Hi Aamir,
There are many mistakes we come to realize after watching this show which we commit and we are unaware of it. And also we get the awareness of how to stop committing those mistakes again. I promise that "I will try to be the change I want to see in the world" :)
Jai Hind.
Shrishti Gupta



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