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Sharing some of the responses and stories of change on the issues we addressed in Season 3



From national TV to local spaces

Many of you took the initiative to organize group screenings of one or more of our episodes in your community. We thank you deeply for taking the discussion on the various social issues forward and sharing with us messages of hope and strength.

Find below some of the messages we received with regard to the screening of our episodes and tell us about more such experiences through Facebook, Twitter, email or our website!

K. Rizwana Sultana, Member, Board of Studies

Dear Sir,
I am the Assistant Professor of English, Farook College, Calicut. The University of Calicut, English Undergraduate, Board of Studies, would like to incorporate some of the episodes of Satyamev Jayate into one of the common courses for BA/Bsc Degree Programmes for at least 3 to 5 years. Please help us do it by sharing the videos with us. We have got nearly 500 colleges affiliated and students who register for Distance Education. We will be proud to have Satyamev Jayate on our syllabus.

Sudeepa Kar

I have been teaching a chapter on Gender to the students of Class 10th in The Ramakrishna Vivekananda Vidyamandir, Jharkhand, and it just came to my mind that showing a few episode videos would be more helpful. So I selected the video on 'Female Foeticide'. Ours is an all-boys residential school so I was not sure that what their reaction would be after watching the video as they are quite unaffected by certain realities of life and what I saw was something unbelievable. Each boy in the room was in tears. Thanks for helping us to make our children a bit better citizen than what we could have single handedly done. We have a group discussion on the episodes soon.

Ketan Vora

I am from Young Indians Trichy Chapter. The programme on child sexual abuse was an eye opener and inspired us to launch ‘Project Komal’ to create awareness among students, teachers and parents alike. Initially some schools we approached were a bit skeptical. Finally we approached the Chief Educational Officer (CEO) who helped us cater to all the schools by sending a circular and granting us the permission to do so. The response has been heartening to say the least. Even in villages they truly appreciated our initiative and said it was the need of the hour.

Students of a school in Trichy watch the episode on Child Sexual Abuse and learn about safe and unsafe touch.
Dhruti Valia

I am Dhruti Valia, a teacher at D.Y. Patil International school in Worli, Mumbai. Some of our students of grade 5 have been inquiring into the causes of poor mental health, its impact on human productivity and potential and the stigma attached to it. They came across the episodes on mental health and alcoholism on your show and it opened their minds to the grave issue of mental health. Here is what two of them said:

Nishka Manghnani, 10

I learned about a lot of the causal factors as well as the warning symptoms that everyone should be aware of. This has made me realize my responsibility as an educated member of the society to do my bit to help fight the stigma and improve the present conditions."

Dorab Mehta, 10

"Thanks to the Satyamev Jayate episodes, I learned that addiction is not a habit but an illness and addicts need proper treatment and cure rather than boycotting them as misfits in society."

Students of Class 5 at D. Y. Patil International School, Mumbai, watch our episode on Nurturing Mental Health.
Mekhala Jambholkar

I am a class 10 student in Delhi Public School, Hyderabad. I watched your episode “When masculinity harms men" and I was extremely moved. With help from my mother, I requested for the episode to be screened in my school for the students of classes eight to twelve. Most boys’ ideas about "being a man" include swearing, being nice to only 'hot' girls, having a 'know it all' attitude. Any boy who does not conform to the above norms is termed as 'gay', 'feminine' or 'weird'; in their opinion, "not a man". This episode initiated a lot of debate and it was followed up with an interactive session with our school counsellor. It got a lot of positive feedback and a lot of the boys talked about the male stereotype and what they felt was expected from them. My teachers have encouraged me to screen more Satyamev Jayate episodes routinely, in the future, in the hope that mindsets can be changed and students become more aware.

Moved by the episodes on female foeticide, domestic violence and dowry, 10-year-old Jamila from Elia Sarwat High School, a low-income school in Mumbai, writes down her thoughts.
Baldev Singh

amir bro, i m from sheikhupura district in ludhiana (punjab). i m a computer teacher. maine aap ke episode ki puri kahani apne school mein students ke saath share ki aur students par kaafi effect parha . main apni aur apne sathion ki taraf se aap ke saath hoon

Aarogyam Society Team

We are a team of young professionals from Public Health, Information-Education & Communication (IEC), Ayurveda and Homeopathic doctors and Teachers. We would like to show the mardaangi episode videos in the Ahmedabad colleges, then ask them to write the problems or subjects they do not like in the community and then facilitate the discussion on the same. This may help us for further research on the subject.

Shailesh Pote of Prabhudana Gram, Betul District, Madhya Pradesh, screens the episode on Female Foeticide for residents of his village.
Subhadeep Chowdhury

I am currently working in a telecom company in Cambodia. I have two kids, one daughter aged 3.5 years and one son aged 2 years. Yesterday's episode on Child Abuse has been an eye opener. The first thing I did in the morning is to talk to my daughter and showed and explained to her the body parts which no one should touch. I have also decided to bring it to the attention of the school management and will request them to conduct similar awareness session.

Kiren Kaur Bajwa

I am writing from London about your episode on TB. I was wondering whether it would be possible to get hold of a DVD of that programme. I work in a hospital which is in contact with a lot of the Asian community. I felt that your explanation of TB would really help our patients.

Shahnawaz Alam

Dear Sir/Mam
i am belong to agriculture family and i want to show your episode to my village farmers. i wanted to show them how harmful is this if we are using chemical to increase the harvest. I want to increase only organic farming. I stay in (U.P) District-Amroha.

177 people watch the episode on Accepting Alternative Sexualities in Nagpur, at a screening organized by Sarathi Trust and Persistent Systems.

The step you have taken to eradicate the evil from our society has already started showing signs of success. I have already conducted assemblies and screenings on this topic of female foeticide in school! I was shocked that even educated people do such things! Thank you for the great show!

Dr Nitin Abhyankar

I watched first episode of Satyamev Jayate tonight. Saturday night. I must confess that this episode mesmerised me. In fact me and My family skipped the important IPL match once we caught you on television!This is the most profound and defining use of television I have witnessed in my lifetime.What you achieved in one master stroke with the very first episode is awesome.You connect , and not just connect but drill it in till it is deeply entrenched in viewers hearts and souls!Speaking for myself, I have decided that I will dedicate 1 hour of my time every week for any issue which is of such immense importance.

Avaneesh Mishra

Thanks for todays episode, as a action I am going to take print of 1098 childline number and put it in the notice boards of all apartments and schools.

Civic Response Team, Aurangabad, screened parts of the Waste Management episode to residents of 250 households of Sindhi Colony and put up this poster to help them with waste segregation.

Dear aamir sir,
I'm doing hoarding and printing advertising business at Avon Advertisers in karnataka state. I want to help this show free of cost in karnataka state.

Uday Joshi

I watched this episode on child abuse with my 15 years old son. This episode made it easier for me to explain him some facts. I am a school teacher in a rural area and I want to show this episode to my students.

Rekha Shukla

Hi I am running a very small NGO in Delhi. After seeing this episode on child abuse, i want to strengthen this cause and have a Community Awareness Camp by a gynecologist. I am making a plan to have a small workshop/lectures in schools and in colleges to spread awareness. I will also try to organise a FORUM for such adults who r still suffering from their past experience.

A poster designed by a Class 3 student in Pune after watching the episode on Water organized by a Teach For India Fellow.
Puneet Bansal

I am running Pragya High School in our village Sampla in Haryana. Just like everyone else watching your episodes, i am also moved by all the issues you take up in your shows. Now as an administrator, as a teacher, i get to spend a lot of time with children. And my experience is that most of the children upto 15 years of age do not watch any meaningful program. So i wanted to show your episodes in our school as part of a weekly activity. Children can be a great agent of change, if motivated properly.

S. Cardoz

I am the General Manager of D. Navinchandra Jewels in Andheri, Mumbai. Satyamev Jayate episodes were really inspiring and every episode has a message for the society as a whole. We have an employee strength of approx. 400 personnel, we are very keen in showing some of your episodes to our employees.

Vinayak Gunjal

I watched all the episodes of Satyamev Jayate online and the episode of Toxic Food has created great influence on me as I am son of a farmer. When I will show farmers in my area the importance and techniques of organic farming they will definitely adopt it.

Nikhil Sheth, a volunteer with Sadhana Village School near Pune, showed episodes on female foeticide, dowry, child sexual abuse and domestic violence to this group of students.
Nitish Shukla

I just shared this show with my hostel friends. I am happy now because atleast I contributed a little to make aware more than 100 friends about “Daughters Are Precious”.

Safin Pramanik

Dear Respected Aamir Sir, I salute you for reforming our thinking and society too. I want to inform you that i like your show too much and those people who can't watch ur show I help them by sharing the whole show on their phone. thank you

Over 2,000 waste pickers watch the episode on waste management at a screening organized by Kashtakari Panchayat in Pune.
Ghulam Sarwar Yaseen

I am from Baluchistan, Pakistan and I am a teacher. I've downloaded you all episodes and I have showed them to my students. Best of Luck!

Paras Loomba

Hello Team,
We are team of passionate individuals who set up Solar Microgrids in Ladakh and electrify remote villages. We have recently installed a TV for the first time in a village. We want to show Satyamev Jayate to the villagers and wanted to check with you on how can we obtain the episodes offline.



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