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Sharing some of the responses and stories of change on the issues we addressed in Season 3



Stories in a Song

Our team is humbled to see that so many of our viewers were moved by the show’s songs and sang them, played them or danced to them at various events. Some even wrote songs and poems on the episode themes or about the show.

Here's our show's music composer Ram Sampath's response to the messages that we received:

Ram Sampath "The response to our work on Satyamev Jayate has been very moving. Music lives in the hearts of the listeners and in this case, our audience responded with such generosity and passion that it has been overwhelming."

Find below some videos, poems, songs, moving messages and a painting that we received in response to the music of Satyamev Jayate.


Amruta Turlapati, an eight-year-old singer from California, sang a beautiful rendition of ‘Sakhi’, our song from the episode on domestic violence. This video was created and shared with us by our viewer Satyajit Sahu:

Students of Sri Guru Harkrishan Sr. Sec. Public School, Amritsar, present a flash mob on our song ‘Aam Ke Aam Honge’ from the episode on waste management. This dance was performed on the occasion of the 436th anniversary of Amritsar city, as part of a campaign organized by EcoSikh that aims to make the city waste-free by 2017.

Choreographer Shiamak Davar’s ‘Summer Funk’ show in London in 2012 saw his students perform a moving dance on ‘O Ri Chiraiya’ from our episode on female foeticide. The dance starts with a couple finding out that they are going to have a girl child and and traces the feelings of the mother as she reaches an important decision at the end.

Musician Nimesh Patel shared his songs with us and offered to perform them gratis or as a gift for any interested organization. An excerpt from his mail:

Dear Team Satyamev Jayate,
Thank you for doing what you do. I have been working with the underprivileged communities in the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad. I'll be happy to share my songs with the show's viewers in any form. My album 'Empty Hands Music' is a 100% gift offering with an intention to spread seeds of goodness in the world.
- Nimesh (Nimo) Patel

A hip hop track by Vineet Mani “as a tribute to the entire crew of Satyamev Jayate”:

Preeti Bhatt

Dear Aamir Sir, I am the Cultural Coordinator of a reputed school in Ahmedabad - St. Kabir School. I want to inform you that I have taken all possible steps to promote this serial and will continue to do so. I script and direct plays on sensitive issues that need to be addressed. I have used the songs that are played at the end of your serial in the dramas I script for better impact! I would also like to extend my hand as support on a personal basis for your endeavours in any way I can

Medha Gupta

I'm a 21-year-old design student currently based in Bangalore. I was quite moved by your episode on rape and honestly, quite angry at the state of affairs as they stand right now. Hugely inspired by all the brave women who came on the show to share their stories, I wrote a short poem titled ‘not mine’.

Mokshida Kaushik

The theme song is so motivating that I keep listening to it while doing my math problems... and believe me, it increases my speed of doing problems and brings in a lot of confidence in me :) -

Dr Priya Vidhale

The song Rupaiya felt like my heart's own voice and has really inspired me to fight my broken marriage and start a new life....thank you Aamir Khan and Team Satyamev Jayate.

Allwyn Rabella

Sir, the first season of the show and specifically the song O Ri Chiraiya has inspired me to make a 2-minute short film. I hope that you will see it.

Dr. Divyata Garg

Respected sir, i am (vocalist) from Bhopal. Visually impaired and PhD in music. I am highly impressed by your efforts to change the attitude of society on various issues which is very complicated.

Karan Punia

Anthem song of the upcoming season.. Just loved it...made me cry and awakened to think with new enthusiasm.

Pranshu Jha

I am a music composer. I am really very inspired by your show. It just brings tear in eyes. I want to make a track for your show according to the topics of your upcoming episodes.


We got inspired by the songs presented in the previous season of Satyamev Jayate. So we felt that our new song would be appropriate to be presented on your show. Kindly listen to it and provide your feedback for this thought.


Loved the title song of Satyamev Jayate. After a long time a song that actually evokes patriotic feelings in you. It keeps us on our toes by asking us to look realistically at our own faults and correct them instead of blindly blaming the government.


I am a sailor by profession and a hobby artist and pencil-lead sculptor. I have written a poem on Satyamev Jayate which is an expression of my experience in our country as a citizen and also includes my desires of change towards our nation as a citizen.

Sudeep Bhandari

Dear Aamir ji, I am a lawyer by profession at Delhi High Court. The music in every episode has touched the heart of millions. I would love if you can come out with a musical CD and DVD of all the videos.


The show’s songs hit you with so much force and tenderness together that it’s overwhelming... I just want to to say that each piece of brilliant music at the end of every powerful episode just fills my eyes with tears.

Brij Jetly

Salute to you and your Team. I am A Music Composer and a Singer in the UK and would love to share my Compositions for such a great Cause.


I loved the Satyamev Jayate title song, and I often listen to it when I feel my life is too stressful. It allows me to appreciate my life and also motivates me to think of doing something for others. Anxiously awaiting the next season.

Ritesh Singhal

Songs of this show make me feel that i can do something better in my life for the country.

Samir Gupta

Just watched the song O Ri Chiraiya for the 20th time in 24 hours. Feel like crying everytime. As a father of a five year old daughter, it fills me with fear and urgency. It is not a question of whether I can protect her personally. It is about the kind of society she will inherit from us. It is the responsibility of my generation to eliminate female foeticide forever.


The songs at the end of every episode are SO deep! Your show makes me want to do something about what is going on.

Venuka Sangal

Hi Aamir sir, the song ‘Bekhauff Azad Hai Jeena Mujhe’ inspired me to make this painting. Thank you. :)


Pramod Kumar, Canada

Hello, Inspired from the episode on Waste Management of Satyamev Jayate, I would like to share my poem with Aamir and team:

Hema Nimbekar

Kudos to Aamir Khan for this great show. Long back I wrote a poem on female foeticide so that I can atleast change some people in the society... Here are a few lines of my poem...

Protyay, 13 years old



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